Monday, September 21, 2009

Ten Thoughts About Week 2

For having worked on Sunday afternoon, I still managed to watch an awful lot of football. I mean, I've got two games going at home, and there are eight or ten TVs in the poker room, plus the dozens they have in the sports book, so I got to see a whole lot of action. So I'll offer up a few thoughts on my hours spent watching.

  • I worry about the Steelers. They have no running game, and apparently, no kicking game either. With their best defensive player out, also, the future doesn't look so bright. On the other hand, I can't confirm it, but it looks like they may have ditched that god-awful mascot, Steely McBeam. Word is that he's making a decent living on the Village People reunion tour, however.
  • Did y'all catch the video of Jerry Jones sitting up in the owner's box at the new Cowboys stadium with his thumb up in the air? Kinda reminds one of Caesar at the Coliseum deciding to spare a Christian from the lions.
  • Speaking of the Cowboys, is Tony Romo's hairline receding that badly? I mean, the guy is almost never seen without his backwards baseball cap. It's like he's The Edge from U2, who hasn't been spotted in public without a headcover of some sort since sometime in 1988.
  • Is the Rams defense that good, or the Redskins offense that bad? I think I'll go with the latter.
  • Imagine how cheap car insurance from Geico, Allstate, and Progressive would be if they didn't spend so much goddammed money on advertising. At least it's not a John Cougar song that haunts my dreams anymore.
  • After two weeks, I'm going with Saints/Ravens in the Super Bowl.
  • And I'm going with the Rams getting the first pick in the draft next April, the Chiefs getting the second. Yay, Missouri!
  • It looks like the Arizona Cardinals finally woke up. But then again, they were playing against the Jacksonville Jekyll-n-Hydes. I don't recall seeing a line on the Jag's win total at the book before the season started. But I'm guessing that it was less than eight.
  • Biggest surprises so far? 49ers 2-0, Titans 0-2
  • Plaxico Burress heads off to prison tomorrow for basically being a dumbass. I remember one play during his rookie year when he made a diving catch midfield for a first down, untouched, then immediately got up and started dancing around to celebrate, and spiked the live ball for a fumble. I thought to myself, Holy shiat--what an idiot! and my opinion of him hasn't changed.

If y'all have any other thoughts to add, by all means, let's hear 'em. Maybe I'll do this every Monday, kinda like a condensed version of Peter King, minus the New England bias and the lefty politics. (Although his column today was very good and even-handed).


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