Friday, September 25, 2009

Didn't Do A Damn Thing On Thursday

The booze cabinet, like so many symphonies, remains unfinished. Hell, it actually remains unstarted. But that's because I didn't do a damn thing all day yesterday except read A Cold Bleak Hill, all 500+ pages, from cover to cover. Ok, well, I kinda remember getting up at some point to fix a chicken salad sandie and an iced coffee, but seriously, that was the limit of my exertions for the day.

But I only indulged my laziness because my buddy AC offered to come over today and help me put the booze cabinet together if I would buy the beer. He couldn't do it on Thursday, but said he was free all day on Friday, so I gladly accepted his offer. Besides, I got a bunch of Amber Bock and Michelob Lite in the beer fridge already, and construction projects like this are much more fun if two people are working on them instead of just one.

So that's what I'm doing today. He's coming over at noon, and I'm hoping we get it knocked out in an hour or so.

Later this afternoon, it's off to the airport to pick up Doc Al--a good chunk of the March Madness buffoons are in town this weekend, and Angy's got another pimped-out terrace suite at the MGM Grand, so we're gonna be partying like the Old Farts Next Door tonight. Then Dougie arrives on Sunday, so besides copious amounts of booze and football, there will be some downtown-style poker going on this weekend.

In the meantime, I've got a pot of coffee to drink and a dishwasher to unload. Y'all have a lovely weekend. Tonight, as I'm drinking Angy's rum, I'll think of you all and pour some out in honor of all my homeys who couldn't be here...


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