Saturday, September 05, 2009

Time For Some Picks

And so it begins--the 2009 college football season is finally underway. Yeah, I know that there have been games on since Thursday, but there is nothing better than spending a Saturday overdosing on coast-to-coast football. Gameday starts in just a few minutes, and I've got a pot of coffee brewing, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share the some of the side-effects of having an 'office' about ten feet away from a huge sports book.

Week 1:

Georgia +5.5 over Oklahoma State

Oklahoma -22 over BYU

Illinois -7 over Mizzou

Minnesota -7.5 over Syracuse

Auburn -13 over Louisiana Tech

That's my five-teamer for the day, but I have to admit, I am *not*in mid-season form. Somehow I spaced betting on Alabama (-7 over Va. Tech), and a couple of days ago I said to "take Georgia and lay the points", when in fact, they are getting points, not giving them. Oh well, no biggie. I kinda wanted to bet on Ohio State and Penn State, too, but first game jitters with better-than-average opponents kept me from laying the points.

Anyhow, a ten-dollar lottery ticket in the hopes of going five-for-five will provide a full day's worth of entertainment. If I get 'em all, I'll take the 22-1 payoff. Sucker bet, I know, but sucker bets are the most fun.

And the fun doesn't end there, either. Later tonight I'm heading over to the UNLV-Sacramento State game with a few buddies for an evening of live college football and overpriced beer. Can't wait, although I can't seem to find my flask anywhere. You can't go to a college football game without a flask--I think it's a law or something.


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