Friday, September 11, 2009

That Was Fast

I am quite satisfied this morning--I had an easy night at work, got home early, and started on my housework. (Sadly, I must admit, that the apartment was kind of a mess). But when I took a break from cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the bathroom, I checked my email and saw that my new coffee table has already been shipped, and it will be delivered sometime on Tuesday. Not too shabby!

With all of the shopping I've done this week, I didn't make my usual weekly order from Amazon. But it's ok--I'm still working on the first of the seven books that I ordered last week. I've got a long way to go before I run out of stuff to read. On the other hand, I couldn't go an entire week without contributing to the economy through Amazon, so this morning I spent seven bucks and ordered an eyeglass repair kit. I've needed one for awhile, if only for the little microdrivers to keep the screws in tight.

Yesterday morning, when I was preparing to leave the house, I went to grab my sunglasses on the counter and they were sitting there in two pieces. I thought I'd broken them somehow, but it was just that the screw had fallen out--but it was lying there on the counter, too. I managed to get them put back to gether with the help of some tweezers, but I didn't have a small screwdriver to make 'em snug. They'll hold for a couple of days, but even if they fall apart again and I lose the screw, this repair kit comes with several extras. Since I no longer have optical insurance, so I've got to make my glasses last as long as possible.

I don't have much on my agenda today, although there is rumor of a trip to Grimaldi's sometime in the near future. I don't really want to go out and play poker tonight, but one of my gals was giving me a huge ration of shiat the other day because I haven't called her in two weeks. We may go out tonight, but I'm not sure. I've still got a ton of stuff to do around the house, plus at some point I have to get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Other than sleep, here is my To Do list for the weekend:

1) Sweep and mop the kitchen, entryway, and bathroom
2) Clean the mirrors in the bathroom
3) Wash the bathroom carpets and bleach the tub
4) Put together the new reading lamp and run and extension cord behind the couch (much easier said than done, trust me on this one)
5) Move the small bookcase out of the living room and find a new place to put it
6) Hang the new veggie baskets
7) Put together the new nightstand
8) Move the TV stand, hook up the new surge protector, run the splitter and hook up the second TV
9) Tune the guitar
10) Move the last of the storage totes out from under the utility table to the storage closet
11) Salvage all of the heavy-gauge speaker wire from the old surround sound system, clip and strip the ends, and get it laid out and ready for the new home theatre setup.
12) Take the old home theatre system and bookshelf CD player to the pawn shop
13) Deposit last night's earnings
14) Wash and gas up the truck
15) Wash, dry, fold, hang, and put away about four loads of laundry
16) Vacuum the whole apartment
17) Dispose of the old nightstand
18) Copy a shiatload of CDs to my iPod

That should keep me occupied for awhile.


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