Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Work All Night

... Sleep all day

Hey, isn't that some cheesy hair band rock anthem? Well, I think it is, and it popped into my head as I made my way back to Casa de Mikey this morning. Had a good night at work, and now I'm kinda beat.

I'm feeling much better, but it's because I've been home resting for the past few days instead of being out collecting germs from the various women-folk I run with. In fact, my gal Hailey called me a couple of days ago asking if I was sick since she hadn't heard from me since last Sunday, and I told her that yep, I was under the weather all week. She said she's been out of commission also. Of course I blamed my illness on her funky germs, and she blamed hers on me. Either way, we were both down for the count for a few days. I'm feeling *much* better now, although I can tell I'm still not quite 100% yet. But it's getting there.

I still don't have all my strength back--being locked down at work for several hours last night really kicked my ass. I'm not complaining--I prefer it that way, but man, when I was finally done, I was draggin'.

Besides going to the bank to deposit a few hundies in a couple of hours, I've got no plans for the day except to lie around reading and relaxing. Yesterday, I got a visit from Amazon-Claus, and I spent several hours reading when I should've been sleeping--that probably contributed to my current state of exhaustion. I got one history book that completely sucked ass--I blew through it in less than an hour and was completely disappointed, but then I started reading Bill Simmons' latest edition of Now I Can Die In Peace, which is highly entertaining. I'm already almost 200 pages into it because I couldn't put it down. And the bonus is that it gives me something of his to read while I wait for him to get over his ridiculous NBA obsession and turn towards the football season.

I figure that once I finish this book off, my three Hornblower books will arrive and that'll give another week's worth of material. But then again, this is a holiday weekend coming up, so I figure I'll probably be at the casino pushing chips around the table for several days.

On the kitchen front, I found a few Thai recipes that I'm going to try as soon as I get a new wok, and I'm also going to try my hand with coconut rice. Also, as soon as I get a new dining room table and some individual casserole crocks, I'm going to try Coquille St. Jacques. I love me some scallops, and the fancy French version will give me a good excuse to go buy a couple of bottles of good wine. But y'all will have to wait until September to read about that--I've got a vacation coming up.


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