Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Shirt Wednesday

Here it is, Hump Day, and I don't have a green shirt.

Back in the old days when I was working at Schwab, my "team" consisted of myself and six other brokers, plus our boss. We had our own designated team area, but it was basically a cube farm like every other office across the country.

Anyhow, one Wednesday, just by coincidence, we all showed up to work wearing green shirts. So that kicked off a tradition of Green Shirt Wednesday that went on for about a year before the whole company went to hell in the last recession.

I have no idea what they're wearing today. My old team is long gone, and out of the eight of us, I doubt that there are even three left.

Now that I work in a casino, I'm stuck wearing an ugly brown polyester shirt every day. It's not much fun at all. But my workday is already over and I've got the rest of my Humpday to myself.

Today is construction day. My TV cabinet is still in pieces in the corner of the living room, only because I haven't been home much in the past four or five days. Also, while I was over on the 'psycho side' of Henderson yesterday, I stopped in that new Target over on Lake Mead parkway and found a five-shelf bookcase with a pecan finish that kinda-sorta matches the finish on the TV stand. So I'm gonna get both of them put together today and hopefully get all of my books out of the totes, and then get the totes out of the living room.

And once I get some furniture in there, it'll look like a real apartment instead of a college dorm.

Anyhow, it'll be nice to have some free time again today--like I said, I was crazy-busy all weekend. Yesterday would've been a good day to chill out, but I had to go make an appearance at the Henderson Justice Court because of my encounter with the motorcycle cop.

My citation said to show up at 1:00 pm, which I did, and by 1:03 I had appeared before the judge and made arrangements to pay my debt to society. The wheels of justice turn a bit faster in Henderson than they do in Vegas--when I got a ticket there, that mess took months to resolve. Now, I'm free to take online traffic school and I have 30 days to pay my fine. No points on the license, no return trip to court needed.

Of course, I learned a few things--going to court is way worse than trying to get on a commercial flight. You still gotta lose the shoes and get randomly probed, but I don't have to take off the belt at the airport. Oh, and the judge doesn't allow people to wear shorts in his courtroom, either, and it says so on a big sign next to the door. It would be nice if it said that somewhere on the ticket the cop gave me. I'm just sayin'.

But they let me slide, since I was a one-time offender. Sorry, but it's June in southern Nevada, and I'm attending at their convenience, not mine, so cargo shorts and sandals was my outfit of choice. Apparently, that is frowned upon. But they didn't make a big deal about it, and like I said, I was in and out of there in less than five minutes, so my advice to you, dear readers, is that if you're gonna do something out here that lands you in court, do it in Henderson, not in Vegas proper. The courthouse is nicer, more easy going, not crowded like the DMV, and the parking is free. And make sure to wear long pants when they haul you in front of the judge, too.

Anyhow, after finishing off my own personal episode of Law & Order, I stopped at Target to do a little shopping--again, I didn't find much that I needed, except that bookcase, but once I got home I pretty much slept all afternoon and into the evening. I'm fighting a mild head cold, but it's just bothersome enough to keep me from sleeping well and it's sapping my energy, too. Not only that, but it's taken away my motivation. So aside from working a lot and running around with my friends all weekend, a mild illness has conspired with my inherent laziness to keep me from writing any updates, along with not answering any email for about a week. Sorry 'bout that--I'll get around to it later today.

But that's the news. I wasn't missing in action or in jail or on a bender or anything like that. I was just kinda busy and not interested in sitting at the keyboard for any length of time. But it was nice to know that I was missed.


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