Monday, June 01, 2009

D-U-N Done!

All my stuff is finally here, bed and all. No more sleeping on the floor for me--three nights were more than enough! And I've been slowly getting things squared away over here, but the downside is that once all the boxes are emptied and stored, the stark emptiness of my living room will be revealed.

Anyhow, I worked on night on Sunday night, like I usually do, but I was so damn tired that I really wanted the game to break. The floorman felt the same way, too. He's been dealing at the World Series during the day, then working the floor in our room at night, so he was just as exhausted as I was. But we had one of those games where all the players had magic pants that kept dispensing $100 bills, and nobody wanted to go home.

At first, I was a little bummed, because I was so tired, but sometime around 3:30 in the morning or so, I caught my second wind, embraced the reality that I was gonna be locked down all night, and happily pocketed a nice chunk of change for my efforts. But man, was I ever wiped out once I finally got cut loose in the morning. I came straight back to the house, took a shower, and tried to snooze all day. But that nest I built on the living room floor just wasn't as comfy as I needed it to be, and only sheer exhaustion allowed me to finally fall asleep. Of course, I woke up stiff and sore this afternoon, gimping around like Fred Sanford for about fifteen minutes until I worked the kinks out.

But I headed over to the bank to deposit a pile of hundies, then got a cashier's check for my first month's rent (and I subsequently found out that a regular check will do--the cashiers check was just for application fees and initial move-in costs), and came back here to the office and gladly paid less rent than I was paying over at the old house with the nice view. I also talked to the HNIC Property Manager, and told her of my disappointment with her maintenance crew (still no doors on the laundry closet, still no silverware drawer). Apparently, something needs to be ordered, but she's gonna have her number one guy come over and do whatever he can to knock out the four or five things that have been ignored since I got here. Luckily nothing is really urgent, but it's little things that should've been done before I moved in.

Once all that was taken care of, I took off and ran a few errands. I totally spaced putting in the change of address form with the post office, so I picked that up, and then I went over to Costco and paid for a new membership. Rob and I had memberships with Sam's Club when we lived together over on GV Parkway, but it's in that whole Eastern/Silverado Ranch clusterf*ck, and I hate driving over there unless I'm going to Grimaldi's (or back in the day going to Kimmy's place). Costco is much easier to get to, and I prefer them anyways, for some unknown reason. And they have a gas station there which allows me to pay $2.31 a gallon while everyone else around town is $2.49 or higher.

I didn't buy anything while I was there, but I wandered around inside for about 45 minutes, just looking at stuff. Oh yes, they have 40" Sharp Aquos LCD TVs for only $749, so if I have to choose between that and a couch, well, I guess I'll be looking for beanbag chairs on Craigslist. They also sell 20-packs of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor blades for $39.99, and two bucks a cartridge is about the best price I've ever seen.

Once I got out of there, somehow not spending at least $200, I went over to the huge furniture store across the street to look around. I saw a few things I liked, but damn, furniture is so frickin' overpriced. And not only that, but the salesman are just as bad as the reptiles on the used-car lot. I didn't stay long. Now that I'm lusting after that Sharp Aquos, furniture just didn't turn my crank. Hey, I've got a couple of camp chairs. I can just bring them in from the patio when company comes over...

After the sun went down, I drove over to the old house and picked up the bed, which took all of thirty seconds to load in the truck. I gave my old roommate his house key and my new address so he could send me whatever is left of my deposit, and I was on my way. Unloading was a bit slower being singlehanded, but Linda's hand-truck earned a gold star once again. I hardly broke a sweat moving a very unwieldy queen-sized mattress and box spring.

Now that I'm back here at the house, I'm relaxing a bit before heading back into work. I'm hoping tonight is just as lucrative as last night was--I've spent a small fortune in the past couple of weeks, so I need to refill the coffers.


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