Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning Quickie

Ok, it's actually late on Sunday night as I'm writing this, but I'm on my way out the door to work in a few minutes, so I thought I'd make a quick update and post a couple of photos.

Anyhow, I'd like to say that the move is completely finished, but that last load took much longer than anticipated. I took some extra time to do some cleaning, and scrubbed the tub before calling it quits. I had a few more things than I remembered, and I was amazed at how much shiat I had in the pantry. I swear I've got enough canned goods to last me through a nuclear winter and the ensuing zombie attacks which would certainly last for several months afterward. And I made the move without breaking anything, although I managed to spill about a few tablespoons of rather expensive EVOO on the passengers seat of my truck. I got most of it cleaned up, but it still looks like somebody sat there and peed themselves. Time for a shampoo I guess.

So all of my kitchen stuff is now here, along with all of my spices and mise-en-place, so once I get everything put away and organized, and then maybe buy some real groceries, I'll start cooking again. Oh, speaking of real groceries, I did some shopping the other day:

I haven't been able to use the coffee creamer yet--I think my coffee maker is still sitting behind the drivers seat in my truck--but I was thirsty, so a bottle of Gatorade and a sixer of Michelob Light found their way to my fridge. Actually, now that I got all the canned goods and such from the old pantry, I've got plenty of groceries on hand--just nothing that requires refrigeration except a 12-pack of Diet Coke with Lime. Here's my new kitchen as it looks right now:

Notice all the booze? Yeah, that's not even the popular stuff I normally drink--that's the second and third string. All the rum is in the dining room on a built-in shelf. Oh, and just because people have asked, here is the Mother Of All Hand Trucks, just after pushing about 150 lbs. worth of storage totes from my truck to the front door:

That thing has been an absolute lifesaver this week, and I owe Linda Lou a big thank-you and a beer or two. But I've got to use it one more time--I'm not totally done with this move. By the time I was able to move the bed downstairs to the garage, it was getting too late to make two trips, so I'm just gonna go back over and get it tomorrow afternoon. But otherwise, I'm done. All that's left is the bed. I'd like to get all unpacked and organized in a day or two, but then, I'm scheduled to work five days this week. That never happens. So it'll be an ongoing process, and in the meantime, I'll slowly get stuff migrated to it's proper places, and then I'll have a big gaping hole in the living room where the furniture is supposed to go. Yep, it's time to save my pennies and get a new couch and chair.

Speaking of pennies, I've got to go to work. Y'all have a great Monday!


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