Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can't Get Rid Of Me Yet **UPDATED**

So, y'all thought you were done with me after today, huh? Well, I may be taking a hiatus from the keyboard for a couple of months, but I'll still be lurking around the blogosphere. In fact, tomorrow night I'll be a guest on the Aging Nymphs BlogTalk radio show, talking about this website.

I don't have a proper link to it right now, but Linda Lou will send be sending me one later this afternoon/evening once she gets a few minutes away from that whole work thing. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up, just in case you had nothing else to do tomorrow night. Besides, there is also a link to the radio show's main page over on Linda's website. If you want, you can go over there and try and listen to an archived show just to make sure that you computer has the proper software working so that you hear the show.

I'm pretty sure I'll be on around 7:10 pm Pacific time on Wednesday night, if you want to hear it live. But if you can't listen right then, it'll be up in the archives within a day or so.


Update-- Here's the email I got from Linda with the info:

Hey. Mikey—

Thanks again for agreeing to do our show tomorrow night. It’ll be fun!

Listeners can go to www.blogtalkradio.com/agingnymphs and click on the show title to listen live. To join the conversation, they can call (347) 215-9937 (number will display on the screen) or they can come back anytime and listen to the archives.

You’re the best!



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