Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey Girls, Gather 'Round

Finally--all the construction projects are Dee-Yoo-In DONE! I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening working on the TV stand, and I have to tell you, for a hundred bucks, it's a helluva piece of furniture--very well built and will probably outlast me. And it looks great, too.

The new five-shelf bookcase, on the other hand, I'm less than enamored with. First of all--whoever decided to call the color 'espresso' must use a whole lot less creamer in their after-dinner jolt than I do, because if I were to come up with a name for the color, I'd go with something more along the lines of 'Valdez Sludge' or 'Tar Baby'. The damn thing's almost pitch black, straight out of the 80's. I feel like I need to go get me a framed Scarface movie poster to complete the look.

Actually, it's not that bad, but it certainly doesn't match my pecan-finish TV stand or faux-oak bookcases. Also, as rugged and well-built as that TV stand is, that bookcase is basically a hunk of shiat--all fiberboard with fake veneer, and no metal to be found anywhere except for the eight pegs holding the two adjustable shelves. All the rest of the 'hardware' is plastic. Oh well, I guess you get what you pay for, and I only paid thirty bucks for it. But it's not moving anytime soon, and it'll be weighed down with books, so it just has to sit there and look not-exactly pretty.

But the tool kit got a workout these past few days, and I'm feeling like quite the handyman. I hung up a few more pictures, adjusted the cabinet doors in my kitchen, tightened up the mini-blinds on a couple of windows, and now I'm done. The only thing left to do is get the new TV out of the box and hooked up. Unfortunately, I still don't have my HDMI cables, but I checked the package tracker on Amazon this morning, and it said that they arrived at the Henderson post office around 5:00 o'clock this morning. I'm hoping they get here this afternoon, but at the latest tomorrow. By Sunday night, I shall be enjoying full-on High-Definition goodness from the comforts of my... camp chair.

Oh well. I'll get a couch soon enough.

Anyhow, now that the construction is finished, I need to take some pictures. But I think I'll wait until I get the books and such unloaded and put in their proper places. I've also got to do something with the pile of cardboard and styrofoam on the dining room floor--it's a huge mess, and one match will send this place up in a bonfire that would make an Aggie fan proud.

But that's all for now. T-Rev just called and we're gonna hit the brewpub at Monte Carlo for lunch, then maybe smoke a cigar or two. And later this evening, I'm gonna hook up with Cool Pacific, and I know some epic buffoonery will ensue.


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