Monday, June 22, 2009

The 'After' Picture

Ok, so I finally feel like I'm pretty much done with the whole unpacking chore that comes with moving in to a new place. I haven't had a lot of free time this weekend, and I'm still feeling under the weather a bit, but I managed to get a lot done.

Remember the 'before' picture from last Wednesday morning?

Well, that's what my living room *used* to look like. I cleaned it all up, got the new furnishings put together, hooked up the new TV, and now it looks like a nice place to live. Check it out:

Oh yes, it's still missing a few things, like a couch/sectional, a coffee table, and some sort of art to hang on the wall over the TV, but it's getting there. And as soon as I make my way down to the music store, I'll get a guitar stand and set the acoustic up between the tall bookcase and the TV stand. That's an empty spot that needs something, and I'd kinda like to hide the cable outlet if I could. I might also get an area rug of some sort--something that really ties the room together.

One one hand, I'd also kinda like to get rid of my old TV, but it's still in perfect condition. I may just store it for a couple of months, and once football season rolls around, I'll set it in the corner on top of the beer fridge, and have it showing the secondary game on the weekends.

I'm glad that chore is done, but I'll be even more happy once I get some real furniture in here. I remember back in the early 90's when Reverend Dave and I first moved to Phoenix, we didn't have *any* furniture. Nothing--no couch, no chairs, not even beds. We rented a two-bedroom place in the ghetto and sat on the floor for like three months until the money started coming in. (We were still dirt poor, though--we had to walk across the street to the Circle K to use the pay phone in the alley!). Eventually we bought a cheap living room set that went into the dumpster about four or five years later.

But not this time around--I'm gonna buy the best stuff I can afford, the heavier the better. It may take a few weeks, but I don't mind waiting. All I know is that once football season kicks off, this place will be fully furnished with comfortable seating for everyone who comes to visit. Oh, and once I finally get real furniture, I'll have all the ladies over for dinner one night, too--I can't wait to take pictures of Linda Lou eating guacamole for the first time...


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