Thursday, June 04, 2009

Taking One For The Team

Ok, it looks like that new couch and TV will have to wait at least one day longer than planned... I got to work at 11:00, and there was only one table going but four dealers on hand. The only interest list was a couple of people who called in but had yet to arrive. Yep, when I got the casino, there was one dealer for every two players. I guess we could've hosted a bunch of heads-up matches, but I don't think that idea would fly with our morning regulars...

So I opted to put a little good karma in the bank and told the floorman that I'd take the bullet if he needed to send somebody packing. Today was an 'extra' day for me, as is tomorrow, so I didn't mind giving up the grind for a day. If I would've stayed, I might've gotten only one down in before 1:00 o'clock, and then another dealer would've showed up. Of course, some more players would've likely come in, too, but still, it was looking like an afternoon of double breaks, so I told the gals that they could have my downs.

So I'm back home for the rest of the day. I've got no plans for the evening, either. Just gonna hang out here and do more household work, maybe spend an hour or two browsing on, shopping for stuff to hang on the walls, and maybe dirty enough dishes in the kitchen to finally run the dishwasher for the first time.


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