Monday, June 08, 2009

Far Too Long

I think I'm living back in the real world again. Don't get me wrong--living in Green Valley Ranch was nice, but I think I like this area much more. It's just as quiet, but it's a little older, so the trees actually provide some shade. The only shade at my old house came from the streetlight out in front, and well, I'm a little wider than that particular shadow.

But I realized today, as I opened my front door and had a couple of delivery menus hanging on the handle, that I have not had Chinese food or a pizza delivered in over two years! Seriously--how many of you can say that? (Besides Hoya, who lives out in the sticks). That's pretty amazing when you think about it. Now, I tried to get Metro Pizza to deliver a couple of times, because they say that they do, but every time I called them, they always said it would be at least two hours. So yeah, in theory, they offer a delivery service, but in practice, not so much. And my old house was about a mile away from the Metro on Horizon Ridge, but I could never get them to bring me a pizza.

Anyhow, the two year streak is probably gonna come to an end next weekend, just because a couple of pretty good one-off local joints have been hanging stuff on my door (sadly, Grimaldi's doesn't deliver, and my new place is much further away, anyways). I *know* I'm gonna take advantage once football season rolls around (BTW, training camp starts next month!).

But I while I was sitting here amazed at the fact that I haven't had a pizza delivered in over two years, another oddball thought crept into my head. I've been working in the same casino for over four years now, and I still have never seen the swimming pool. I don't even know how to get to it. Seriously--I just never wander over to that end of the property. Weird, huh?


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