Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Down Goes Frazier!

Man, I sure would like to find out who it was that gave me this head cold and kick them directly in the ass. Is there nothing worse than having a cold in the middle of summer?

I pulled an all-nighter at work last night, locked down the whole time, which is always a good thing, but this morning when I was getting ready to leave, my boss heard me sniffling a bit and trying to suppress a cough and said "You can't be getting sick on me now".

Unfortunately, I've already been sick for several days, and although the common cold takes about two weeks to run it's course, I'm right in the middle of the worst of it. Luckily for me I had plenty of drugs handy, else I would've never made it all the way through my shift. And I can never afford to miss any work, especially right now.

Once the morning crew came in, I was glad to be able to get out of the casino, take some medicine, and get some breakfast (What is that saying "Starve a fever, feed a cold"?). Nothing like beer and pancakes to make ya feel better. But once I got home, man, I crashed hard. I could barely keep my eyes open once I got in the front door.

But it's been like that for the past couple of days--I've been busier than hell for a few days, and just haven't gotten enough rest. Until today, that is. I got a good five hours of sleep without interruption. I heard my phone go off a couple of times, but it was just out of reach and I didn't feel like making the effort to grab it. Oh well.

I really wish I was feeling better--I've got a couple of days off later this week and I wanted to play in at least one, if not more, of the Binion's Poker Open tournaments over the next several days. As much as I was looking forward to this series of tourneys, I've only managed to get into one of them so far. I wanted to play this past Sunday, but I was just feeling too poorly. One lesson that I've learned the hard way is *not* to play cards unless I'm feeling 100%. In hindsight there is nothing more stupid than thinking "Well, if I go bust on this hand, at least I can go home and get some rest..." Seriously--that's just poor judgment. Besides, in this town, there will *always* be another game or another tournament tomorrow. No need to be miserable and lose money at the same time.

Anyhow, I wish there were more going on around here, but my adventures are somewhat curtailed until I kick this bug. Oh, and by the way, I *still* have my sense of smell, but rest easy--I won't be buying anymore Zicam nasal spray once this bottle is gone.

I just wish somebody would make some wasabi-based cold medicine--that always seems to work, and it tastes good, too.


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