Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Bunch Of Stuff I Didn't Do

I don't know why I always make grandiose plans for Mondays--I never follow through. My to-do list for yesterday was long and distinguished, and twenty-four hours later, it still is.

Oh, I did a few things, but I never left the house. I even started to assemble the TV stand, but one time through the directions and the parts inventory was enough to demotivate me for the rest of the afternoon. Besides, I had that gnawing in the back of my mind telling me that I needed to sleep, since I'd been up since around 2:00 in the morning, so finally around 6:00 pm I gave up, took a shower, and went to bed.

My alarm went off at ten minutes after midnight, and five minutes later, my phone was ringing. It was the poker room, so I knew it wasn't good news. If it rings earlier, I know I'm getting called in, but if it rings 45 minutes before my shift starts, I know that the room is dead. And that was the case last night. The floorman called, saying he only had a three-handed no-limit game going, and one dude just went all-in, and one of the other players was one of our dealers. So, there was no chance that the game would hold together all night, much less for another 45 minutes, so I was free to go back to bed.

That really sucks--there are 10,000 poker players in town this month, and it just *kills* the action in our room. All of the locals are down on the Strip fleecing the tourists. Hey, I did the same thing last summer, cashing in a couple of sit-n-go's down at the Mirage, and pocketing a few bills down at the MGM during the Series. Seriously--the room I play in is pretty tough--it's great training, because whenever I motivate myself down to the Strip to play, I always find myself thinking It shouldn't be this easy...

So yeah, I lost both of my usually lucrative graveyard shifts this week, and starting tomorrow, I've got a string of day shifts for the rest of the week. Not fun at all. I really *do* prefer the graveyard shift. But I got plenty of sleep, so that leaves me with a free day to hit that to-do list again.

Oh yeah, I'll be doing housework, and shopping, and I'll finally get the TV stand put together (right now it's in pieces in the corner of my living room). I've already organized the storage closet this morning and found all of my coffee cups and pint glasses (MMV BITCHES!), so my cupboards are slowly filling up and looking like a normal person lives here. And since I made more room in the storage closet, a bunch of the stuff that was in the living room is now gone, further highlighting the big empty space.

Oh, and because I never got any sleep yesterday, I postponed the whole spaghetti incident. I didn't want to make a big dinner and then have to go right to bed, so as soon as I clean up the kitchen from this morning's breakfast, I'll start cooking the sauce. There may be pictures involved.


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