Friday, August 31, 2007

New Yoonees

So, there I was, spending an hour dealing to the retards on Let It Ride again last night, and the floor person came over and told me that Shahla wanted to see me.

Uh oh.

She's the Big Boss. The number-one El Jefe In Charge. One step below casino director. She's very nice, and I don't mind working for her one bit, but she doesn't normally mess with the day-to-day operations of running the shift or specific dealer issues unless it's a biggie--one of her underlings does. So naturally I was a bit apprehensive--kind of like getting called to the Principals office when you know you're guilty of all sorts of mischief, but you're not sure of exactly what they have on you.

Turns out, she just wanted to ask me a question--

Now that football season is upon us, would I be willing to wear a football jersey to work instead of our normal dealer outfits on Sundays and Mondays? (We would have to provide said jersey on our own.)

Oh. Hell. Yeah! Not only that, I recommended Saturdays, too, so as to show our support for the NCAA. Seriously, any excuse to get out of wearing that long-sleeve polyester clown suit for the night is ok with me!

(But I always wear the clown suit when I watch Billy Madison, Mikey... --Eddie B.)

I guess she was just taking a poll, and as far as I heard, it's a landslide on the side of the angels. I think there were a few Asian dealers who answered with a shrug of the shoulders, but by and large, it looks like we *may* be able to start wearing football jerseys two nights a week.

Now, the question is... Which jersey to get? I own a lot of football t-shirts, but no jerseys. I guess I could probably pick up a Michael Vick jersey pretty cheap these days, although his new one will be bright orange with a big number 'P' on the back... I could go for the all-thug lineup-- Michael Vick, Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis, Tank Johnson, the entire Bengals roster...

Actually, my ultimate jersey would be this:

A new-school Rams jersey with Jack Youngblood's name and number on it. How cool would that be? I don't think it's possible, however, because I'm fairly sure that you can't customize an authentic jersey with a retired player's name, at least not on a jersey of the team they retired from (more of those stupid NFL rules). I guess it's for the best, because the jersey costs $309 from

And there ain't no way on god's green earth I'm spending three hundred bucks on a shirt. At least not until after I own a proper bed. I guess I'll keep shopping.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up my breakfast of grits, eggs, toast, and coffee before heading out to run some errands. We got a note on our door saying the City of Henderson was shutting off the water for a few hours today while they do road work, so I may as well vacate the premises.


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