Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gonna Be Payin' For It

My sleep schedule is all whacked out this week. After Monday's episode of hovering near the can for 18 hours straight, I'm all messed up. I stayed up all night again on Tuesday, having spent most of the day catching up on lost sleep.

Feeling much better and well rested, Rob and I went out that night for a little late-night buffoonery. First of all, it was 99-Cent Fish Taco Night at Rubio's, so we took full advantage of that. For those of you who are unaware, fish tacos from Rubio's are one of life's simple tasty pleasures. I know, it sounded sick and wrong the first few times I heard about them, but about ten years ago I bit the bullet and gave it a try. I mean, seriously--fish tacos? But, just like trying sushi for the first time, I was immediately hooked. I guess the reality of both dishes is just better than the concept.

Anyhow, dealing some Pai Gow last week, I had the manager of the local Rubio's outlet playing at my table, and he told me about the Tuesday night special. So now that I know about it, and it happens to be on my day off, and since there is an outlet just down the street at Green Valley and Pebble, I've got a feeling that's what I'll be having for dinner most Tuesday nights.

After introducing Rob to fish tacos (he's on board now, too), we headed off to the west side to meet up at his old roommate's house for a few hours of cheap beer and cheaper dice. We made a quick stop at a convenience store for a 12-pack of Keystone Light before camping out for the night at the five-cent dice table.

Of course, after the beating I laid on them last week, I had to hear about how 'biased' the table was, and that there was something wrong with the dice. I guess the table's bankroll was down eight bucks total from the day they 'opened' it, so Chris, Rob's old roommate, was beginning to sweat the money worse than an old-time pit boss at a downtown grind joint. He went on and on for most of the night, saying that it's because people were setting the dice, or that the dice weren't balanced, or that the table wasn't long enough, or any other number of reasons he could think of.

Of course, I asked him why he wasn't that concerned when the table was up about $80 a couple of weeks earlier. But he didn't really have a good answer for that one...

And then he pulled the "I'm getting really tired guys, we need to wrap it up soon" card around 2:00 am when he noticed us starting to bet 'bigger', trying to get our money back--bigger being a relative term--the table has a $1 limit, as opposed the the $3 limit we enjoyed, but rarely took advantage of, the week before. (Most of the time we played 27 or 54 cents across...)

But I ended up giving back about $13 or so until Rob and I gave up and called it a night. It was a fun time, and there were some good laughs, but I don't know if I'll be going back. They built the table for fun and to keep out of the casino on their time off, but it seems like they're taking it waaaay too seriously now. (Charting every roll of the dice, making graphs, puzzling over every statistical anomaly, and getting way too concerned over oddball streaks). I've been dealing enough to know--sometimes tables get hot, sometimes tables go cold--there's nothing you can do about it. But it really sounded to me like they're going to remain mildly irritated until their 'bankroll' is at a steady 105% of seed money.


After we got back home, we headed off to the pool and jacuzzi for a few hours. I think Rob stayed up watching tv for awhile but I went to bed and slept away most of my Wednesday, too. I didn't do a damn thing today except the usual household chores between sitting on the couch watching tv. I haven't even been outside in the past 24 hours.

But I've been up all night, and I've got to get some sleep at some point--I've got to go back to work tonight at 7:00. But Rob needs me to go with him shopping for a new computer and desk as soon as Best Buy and Fry's open up. That'll take up a chunk of my day, so I'm sure I'll end up getting not enough of a nap and being dead tired at work.

That's no way to start off the new week.


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