Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not a Damn Thing, Thanks For Asking

In case anyone wants to know what I did on my first day off, the answer is right there in the headline. I guess 'sleeping' counts as an activity, and I certainly caught up on plenty, but otherwise I was a slug. Didn't do any housework, laundry, chores, errands, nothing. Hell, I barely ate. I had a bowl of Special K in the morning, and around 9 pm or so, I microwaved a bowl of minestrone and ate the rest of my hunk-o-beef from the night before. It wasn't really a hunk by that time, barely big enough to fill up a roll with some mustard. But it seemed to do the trick.

Today, however, I've been a little more productive. The laundry is sorted, ready to go in the washer, but I was holding off on starting a load for a couple of hours, as the washer is right next to Rob's bedroom door, and he's still sleeping. But the thunderstorm we've got going on outside is fairly loud, so I'm guessing the spin cycle won't bother him too much more. I've got the bills organized, envelopes stamped, and checks written. I even ran the dishwasher, too.

I've got nothing else going on today, so I think I'm gonna treat myself to a movie or two. I know it's almost blasphemy for me to admit it, but I still haven't seen the Pirates of the Caribbean Worlds End sequel that came out in June. And I was all looking forward to it and planning on seeing it the first week! Guess I never got around to it. But it's still playing in a few theatres, so I'm probably going to go see it in a couple of hours. And I think it ends about 15 minutes before the Simpsons movie starts, so I may do some sneakin' in and get two for the price of one. Heh.

At some point I gotta eat, so I may go exploring here in the new neighborhood and see what's available. Heck, there's even a Metro Pizza just down the road on Horizon Ridge that I haven't been to yet.

In the meantime, a pot of coffee and a little Discovery channel are on my morning's agenda.


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