Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Quarter-Million Dollar Vagabond

Now that my daily chores are done and I'm in that dead space between starting any new projects and hopping in the shower and getting ready for work, I've been spending time on one of my favorite pr0n sites, Talk about hours of eye candy! Oh man, it's a digital version of the Little Blue Pill for those of us with a bit of saltwater in our veins.

There's just something about a nice salty-looking yacht with a clipper bow and a pleasing profile that just stirs the lust in me almost as much as a hot redhead with a low-cut top. But the problem with nice boats and hot redheads is that they both generally cost much more than I can afford. So it's all window-shopping at this point.

But damn, if I had about $300 large stuffed under the mattress and a couple grand in interest income every month, I'd be found pirating around the Caribbean in this gorgeous thing, sipping rum and listening to Brother Jimmy singing about how he wished he were me!

But we're still a few years away.

So I better put on my happy face and get to work. That boat ain't gonna buy itself.


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