Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Google Makes Me Giggle

One of the cool toys you can put on a blog is some software from Sitemeter. It tracks your hits, page views, all that stuff. I look at it pretty much every day, because it can tell me how many people are looking at my site at any given time, where they're from, and all kinds of other technical details.

It also tells me all the details about the last 100 visitors to the site, so I can always tell when Dougie, Hoya, Sticky, or even Howzie are lurking about.

Anyhow, one of my favorite tools is the referral page. That means it gives me a list of anyone who's hit a link to my site from an outside page. Bookmarks don't count, nor does typing '' in the address bar.

But I found a most interesting one tonight. Somebody went on a Google search for "My Personal MILF Therapists", and guess which website came up NUMBER ONE on Google...

That's right,! I own that shiat!

Hell, I guess if pervs didn't read this site, I wouldn't have half the audience I do now.


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