Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Secret's Out

Ok, I've been harboring a secret for the past couple of weeks that I can now speak about freely.

Everyone knows how desperately I need some time away from the casino before I crack and go ab-so-frickin nuts, and I was talking to my sister Cyndi about it a few weeks back.

She suggested I take a couple of days off and come on back to Nashville for awhile, and I thought it was damn fine idea. So that evening I found some cheapo airfare on Southwest, arranged the time off, and didn't tell anyone. Cyndi planned on hosting a big family BBQ/get-together, and I was going to show up and surprise everyone.

So she made plans and invited everyone, but the family all had other plans. Sherry was going to St. Louis to spend the weekend attending Cardinals games, Mamasan was going to work that day, and who knows what kind of trouble Amy was going to get into. I guess she had to tell everyone at that point, in order to assure that folks would be around. So now they know. And I'll have five glorious days away from the ding-ding-ding of slot machines, second-hand smoke, cheapass fleas, and listening to dealers bitching about shiat that just doesn't matter.

I cannot wait!

I leave in less than three weeks, and I plan on doing a whole lotta nuthin' but laughing it up with the family for a few days. Oh, I might try and hit a few of my favorite restaurants while in town--Raz'z for sure, maybe Monell's for Sunday Brunch (I'm gonna start twisting arms this week...), and I'm guessing that Mamasan and I will have breakfast at Bob Evans before she takes me back to the airport on departure day.

Other than that, I don't plan on doing much but sitting out by the fire pit, smoking cigars, drinking rum, and telling stories.

Should be a great time, secret or not.


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