Sunday, February 15, 2009

So... About That Famine...

Ok, so the jackpot hit on Friday morning, but the workload has not tapered off for me quite yet. And I'm cool with that, because March Madness is coming and there are still bills to pay.

I thought I might get the 'you don't need to show up tonight' phone call yesterday, as there were a ton of dealers scheduled, but when I showed up, the room was still fairly busy, and half the dealers who were supposed to be working were sitting in the no-limit game. Not only that, there was a private tournament going on, too.

But it wasn't your average tourney, it was a group of deaf people. When I got to it, they were down to the final six players, but there must've been about thirty or more other people crowded around the table watching the action. It was kind of surreal, because the tournament was going on in stone-cold silence, but if you would've walked by, it would've looked like you were watching footage of a crazy trading pit at the stock exchange with the sound off. Imagine thirty or forty people crowded around a poker table, all of them waving their arms around and doing sign language at high-speed. It was a spectacle to behold.

I was there for an hour, dealing it until there was a winner, but it was the hardest tournament I've ever dealt. First of all, it was tough to communicate, as you can imagine. There was one person there serving as an interpreter, but with all the other people standing around 'yelling' in sign language, much was lost in translation and each hand took twice as long to deal as it normally would. Also, a few people who'd made it to the final had never played poker before, so they had no concept of no-limit holdem. Even though a few of them had tons of chips, nobody got the concept of raising, so every bet was a minimum bet and call--it was gonna take forever, but then one guy woke up and started going all-in every hand and eventually wiped everyone out.

I was glad when it finally ended--it wore me out.

Other than that, there was nothing really noteworthy about the evening, except that I was lucky enough to be dealing at the no-limit table when our room's biggest scumbag got sucked out on and lost his entire stack. I swear, it was damn near impossible to keep from smiling, but on the inside I was laughing my ass off to see his Aces get cracked by running hearts. Seriously, the guy reeks all the time, and is just foul and gross, so seeing him get crushed was a special treat.

I ended up working until around 1:00 o'clock this morning, and thought about getting into the no-limit game, but the scumbag was still there, having reloaded, and the only seat available was right next to him on the right. Being right next to him would be bad enough, but I didn't want him on my left--I wanted to pound his blinds every time, and wouldn't have been able to have position on him, so I passed.

Instead I got into the 4-8 game, with Joey on my left. Of course he raised damn near every hand and eventually went broke, but the game was almost impossible to beat--just too much luck involved as it was showdown poker with capped pots. I managed to scratch out a $15 profit in the hour I was there, and finally cashed out and went home.

I guess it was kind of a dull night compared to the rest of my week. I'm working the graveyard shift tonight and again tomorrow night, but the the rest of my schedule is blank except for a bunch of 'On Call' days.

I wish I had more, but well, sometimes my adventurous life is just kind of boring.


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