Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sin City Rollers

For having to work, I had a pretty good SA -TUR-DAY night. I got the call around 6:15, which kinda sucked--too early, in my opinion. But they didn't need me to come in until 8:30, which was much better. I'm just not used to getting any lead time before having to drop everything and head to work.

When I got there, it was insane again. Everyone was doing a 7-table push, meaning no breaks for over three hours. Luckily there were some good no-limit games going, and of course all the grinders were there at the 4-8 tables, too. Nothing really noteworthy stands out from the evening, as far as my night at work goes. I was busier than hell for the first three hours of the shift before it started slowing down. After midnight, folks started busting out or getting tired, so the room started shrinking. By 1:00 am we were down to just three games, and by 1:30 I got the boot--which was cool with me. The money was still great--I managed to pocket over two Benjis in five hours, and I was tired anyways. I was getting ready to just bag it and go home, but a few of my friends were playing in the no-limit game and it was a good one. So I stuck around to watch while the cocktail waitress kept me loaded with double Captain & Sevens.

We were shootin' the shiat for an hour or so, when my gal Randi came by to say goodnight. She had been cocktailing in the club that night and was heading home after the last set from the house band. We chatted for a minute, then I sat back down to watch more poker. I was really tempted to get in the game because it looked pretty juicy, but our no-limit game has a max buy-in of $300, and most of the people at the table had $500+ in front of them. I wanted to take a chance of being in the game in case the jackpot hit (it's about a quarter million dollars now), but I didn't want to be the short stack at the table. So I was content to be a railbird.

About 20 minutes later, Randi came strolling back in, asking if I wanted to go to the bar with her--she had been distracted by a slot machine on the way to the garage, lost sixty bucks, and decided to stick around and have a beer. So of course I ditched my buddies, and we headed to the bar. I switched over to Amber Bock, and decided to put $20 in the video poker machine. And for somebody who hates video poker as much as I do, I've now played five times in the past three weeks. But as soon as I put my card in the machine, the video screen said I had five bucks worth of freeplay on my account. Woot-score!

On my fourth spin, I managed to hit four jacks for $75--before I had my first sip of beer. Cash me out, baby! I was cool with a quick hit-n-run, but Randi lost another twenty bucks before we finished our first round. Having no luck at video poker, she wanted to go play some penny slots. So we wandered the casino a bit, but again, she couldn't hit anything. We eventually made our way over to the Money Storm machine next to the Fatburger entrance, but she found no love there, either. But it was fun to play--I even donated ten bucks to the cause because it was one of the machines that Sticky and I used to play together at NYNY all the time back in the day.

Eventually, we gave up on the slots and just hung out in the bar chatting with some of our friends who work the graveyard shift. We were going over her schedule, and she found out that she's working the poker room on graveyard late Monday night, as am I. That's cool, because we hardly ever get to work together. It should be a fun night. We sat up chit-chatting and telling stories for awhile longer, but around 5:00 am, I could barely keep my eyes open, so we called it a night. We swung by the poker room to say goodnight to everyone and headed for the garage.

I got home and didn't last five minutes before I passed out cold. And cold it was--I'd forgotten to shut my bedroom window and it was freezing outside.

I woke up around 12:30 in the afternoon and saw that I had a couple of missed phone calls--one from Cyndi telling me she's coming back to Vegas again in April for business. That'll be fun, because she's here for five days and only has to attend a few seminars and such, and she's staying down at Caesars on the company dime. Maybe I'll be able to talk her into taking me to The Palm for my birthday...

Anyhow, I puttered around for a couple of hours, but I was starving. Marcie wasn't working today, but that chicken sandie from the other day was so damn good I drove back down to the Omelet House and had me another one. No fruit cup this time--I went with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some warm banana bread. It was a damn fine meal, even though my waitress wasn't nearly as cute as usual.

I don't know what happened to the rest of my afternoon--the TV hasn't been on all day, but I didn't nap or read, either. I've been home the whole time, wasting the day on the computer, I guess. I played in the T2V poker tourney earlier this evening, and was the chip leader for the majority of the thing. But then I suffered one really bad beat, and then went out when my pocket fives ran into pocket sevens. I didn't even cash, I went out on the bubble.

It's about 8:00 pm now, and even though I'm not scheduled to work until 1:00 am, I've got a feeling that I'm gonna get called in at eleven. So I might take a catnap first.

More tomorrow. At least that's my plan. We'll see how tonight goes.


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