Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Check Is In The Mail

I promise!

Yep, I kinda feel like I'm behind on my 'blog payments' this week, but you know, duty calls and real life gets in the way.

I had a long crazy night last night--out with friends--not working for once, and I strolled home about 6:30 this morning. After sleeping for about six hours, I now have to head back down to the casino for a meeting. That should last only about an hour, and then I'm free. I know I won't get called in tonight, as I have to work the morning shift tomorrow, so my evening is all mine to sit and pound the keys. Unless something crazy comes up, I'm not gonna go out tonight, so I should have plenty of time to get all caught up, for those of you interested in my whereabouts for the past 36 hours or so.

So maybe late tonight there will be some new material up, but certainly by tomorrow morning.



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