Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing Better To Do At 3:00 AM

Yep, I'm wide awake, and I don't feel like sleeping quite yet, so I figured I'd stay up and post some nonsense in the hope that somebody is reading this weekend.

Anyhow, my Friday night went just about how I expected it would--I was chillin' here at the house, not doing a doggone thing, when the poker room called, requesting my mad skillz on the green burnt-orange felt. At first, they were hesitant, as the floorman thought I'd be up against overtime again, but I told him to check the logbook--up until that point I'd worked a grand total of four-and-a-half hours this week. So he gave me the ol' Bob Barker and told me to neuter my pets Come on down!

I got there in time for the 8:00 o'clock push, and I ended up working until about 1:30. The money was just ok--nothing to get too excited about, because about an hour after I got there, the games started breaking right and left and I had three breaks in the five hours I was there. But I'm certainly not complaining--the whole shift was gravy as far as I was concerned.

Once I punched out, I sat in on the 4-8 game (didn't bring a bankroll with me for the no-limit table, although it looked exceedingly juicy and one of my buddies was in the game, telling me I should be there with him). I was playing well, but suffered two ridiculous river suckouts to the same guy. But it's not a sad tale--I still made $60 profit in the hour I was there. I just didn't want to stick around and give it all back because it was a no-foldem game. Everyone stayed to the river on almost every hand. I was happy with the win, so I cashed out after just an hour.

I thought about heading over to Sierra Gold to get some late-night munchies, as I'd had nothing to eat all day except some trail mix, plus a bag of Sun Chips on my break. But I didn't feel too hungry at the moment I was driving by, so I just came on home. I'm sure I'll be good and hungry when I wake up, and I suppose I could go over and see Marcie at some point.

Speaking of the ladies, they finally got to me. Yes, I gave in to peer pressure and signed up on Twitter. Yeah, it's ok I guess. Since I sat around doing f*ck-all for the entire afternoon yesterday, it was cool to chit chat, but I'm still waiting for all the knowledge and light to fall from the sky and the mysteries of the universe to unfold before me. That's what I was promised.

So far, nothing.

I still don't get what the big deal is. It seems to me like it's just like Yahoo messenger, except way more limited. I dunno. Microblogging...whatever. I'm all about the macro-blogging! Anyhow--I guess I should reserve judgement until I use it for awhile, but so far, color me less than impressed.

However, one good thing that came out of all my goofballing yesterday afternoon is that I've got firm plans with all the ladies next week to go out and have dinner together. I'm really looking forward to that, because as much fun as the Freakin' Frog is, it's a bit loud and tough to carry on any kind of conversation unless you're in a small circle or you're yelling. Then again, we're not exactly a quiet group, so I'm guessing we'll probably disturb our fellow patrons at the restaurant at some point in the evening. Oh well. At least we're not a group of people with bratty screaming kids. I'd rather sit next to a table full of loud drunks any day!

Also, now that I know Sarah and Kristen are getting into the guitar, and they're putting the pressure on me to get back into it, I've been doing some window shopping. I think I've found my next toy:

Yeah, it's a Washburn, as was my old acoustic that I liked so much. So I know it'll be decent quality for the price. And it's got an electric pick-up built in, so I can plug it into an amp. And I like the cutaway, also--it makes it much more versatile. Right now it's only $170 on Amazon, and normally I'd just cough up the funds and buy it today, but I'm kinda being a little tight with money until after March Madness has passed. So I just wish-listed it for now, hoping it'll still be available next month. Maybe I'll treat myself to it for my birthday in April. It'll be nice to get back into playing again, and it'll be fun to play with some other noobs, too. That way, I won't look like a complete jackass when I'm fumbling around trying to find the right chords and such.

I'm hoping that once I pick up the guitar and start playing again that all my old knowledge comes flowing back to me. I've attempted playing only once in the past six years, and I was completely clueless. I was amazed at how much I'd forgotten. Besides, it'll be hard to get back into working with an acoustic instead of an electric--it's like I told the gals the other night--the callouses have left my fingertips and migrated down to my palms...

I'm sure it'll all come back to me eventually. And they broadcast the live performances at the Freakin' Frog over the internet, so you know, once we have a gig scheduled, we'll put the word out and all you re-clickers can watch it like we're a smaller, less talented version of Brother Jimmy and the gang on Radio Margaritaville.

But that's all for now. I'm gonna do a little bit of reading, catch a few winks, and then maybe go pitch a little woo have lunch at the Omelet House. And if I get really lucky, I might get called into work again this evening. Brothaman could use a little jingle--I've got a guitar to buy.


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