Friday, February 06, 2009

Exploring the Amazon

Due do a generous benefactor, well, actually a reader who actually found this site entertaining, I received a very nice gift yesterday afternoon--an Amazon gift certificate.

So I did some shopping last night. I had a little extra scratch with them already from a previous cancellation, so with my certificate, I had a tidy sum to spend. I ended up buying three books and six new CDs, all of which were on sale (plus I got free shipping--woot!). I got a couple of poker books and an anthology of sailing stories, so my nightstand will soon have more than just an alarm clock and spare change lying on it. On the musical side, I got even more retro lounge music.

I swear, I can't get enough of it--it's like Pandora's Box has been opened, and it was full of cool instrumental tunes from forty years ago. And it seems like the supply is never-ending. I've got six or seven CD's worth of my latest obsession already, and it's all I've listened to since the holidays. I have to thank Lisa Lisa The One I Adore up in Massachusetts for getting me hooked. She sent me that Bottoms Up! cd for Christmas, and it opened the floodgates. How many people do you know that count Guns N Roses and Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra among their favorite artists? Well, here I am!

My favorite CD so far has been this one:
Yeah, it's FN cool. And most of the music is actually somewhat familiar. You know you've heard it somewhere before. For instance, track 8 is Alvino Rey's Nightrain. I had no idea what anything was when I read the song list on the back, but the first time I heard that one, I immediately realized that it was the same song George McFly was dancing to by himself at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance while he was waiting for Marty and Lorraine to show up. But the whole CD is full of cool stuff like that. I love it. Pretty soon, lounge music is gonna overtake Jimmy Buffett as the biggest real-estate hog in my iPod.

Besides all the music and books that Amazon is (and has) provided, I also discovered the low-priced goodness of For a sexy bald man like myself who has to shave his head every day, I go through razors like Christian Bale goes through F-bombs (am I the last one to make this joke?). And Mach 3 Turbo razors are expensive as hell. But has eight-packs at $17.99 each, with no sales tax. That's much cheaper than Target or even Walmart. And I got free shipping the last couple of times I've shopped there, too.

I discovered them a couple of months back when Amazon was out of that coconut body wash I like, so is now my fallback position. And I also found that they have the Tag body spray 'Get Yours' that I like so much. They stopped making 'Wild Card' last year, and this new stuff is slightly different, but basically it's replacement. And I couldn't find it anywhere except online. So besides Amazon, I'm also hooked on for my shopping needs.


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