Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stuffed Like a Bird

I feel like it's Thanksgiving afternoon in the real world--It's cold outside and I'm sitting here thinking Damn, I ate too much, while I watch football highlights on ESPN.

Yesterday, I was kinda busy, but moving at half-speed, finally winding down from the emotional roller-coaster of the weekend. I finally snapped out of it just about the time the Fiesta Bowl was getting underway. Luckily it was a decent game this year, and I want to congratulate the Sweater Vest and the rest of Buckeye Nation for keeping it within two touchdowns this time around. Good jorb!

Anyhow, while I was watching the game, I was busy doing little projects (I swear that tool kit I got last year for Christmas has been about the most practical and useful gift ever). I finally put together the last bookshelf that I've had sitting in the corner, still in the box, since last July. I also organized the closet and desk a bit, getting a handle on all the books and such that I have lying around. One of these days I'll have my own place with a proper library/den. I also finally unpacked and hooked up the new DVD player, which took all of two minutes. (The entertainment shelf, however, remains unconstructed).

After the game, I decided to test out the new DVD player, so I watched Super Troopers, which was a helluva lot funnier than I expected. Yeah, there was some slapstick, which I railed against yesterday, but then, there was some seriously funny gags too. I would've never had that movie on my radar, but it came highly recommended from both Amy and Reverend Dave, so it went on the wishlist, and ended up making it's way to me in time for Christmas. If any of you folks subscribe to Netflix, it's worth putting on your list.

Once the movie ended, I was starving. I realized that all I had to eat the entire day was two granola bars, a handful of mixed nuts, and a glass of orange juice. I was thinking of making a run for the border or going to Roberto's for some authentic late-night gut-busting carne asada. But it was after midnight, and I don't like to eat late at night unless I've been out drinking, so I just said the hell with it and went to bed.

My plan was to get up early and make a pot of coffee this morning, do some reading, and maybe do some writing, too. But I woke up briefly around seven, thought it was too early (and the wall near my head was cold, too), so I stayed in bed and slept in till around 9:30. By then, I wasn't in the mood for coffee--I wanted some real food. But I don't have any juice or milk left here at the house, even though I had a can of Grands biscuits down in the fridge and some brown and serve sausage patties in the freezer.

So what was I to do?

Well of course I showered, shaved, and got dressed, and headed down to the Omelet House to visit with my gal Marcie and eat a stick-to-my-ribs breakfast.

Again, I passed on the coffee, but she brought me a Ned Flanders hot cocoa special, complete with whipped cream and little chocolate sprinkles.

It was kinda slow at the restaurant at the time, so we got to visit for a bit, which was nice. Eventually, I ordered a '38 special' omelet, which has bacon, ham, sausage, and two kinds of cheese in it, with wheat toast and a glass of OJ. Marcie also brought me a fresh-from-the-oven piece of banana bread with some whipped butter while I waited, which was just excellent.

There was no way I was gonna finish that breakfast though--the omelet was huge, and as tasty as it was, I could only finish about half of it.

She asked me if I wanted a box to take my leftovers home, and I told her that the only leftovers I take home is pizza. That led to an interesting conversation, as you might imagine. I tried to extoll the virtues of Grimaldi's, but then she dropped a bomb on me. She said that Pizza Hut was her favorite.

I must've sat there with a stunned WTF? look on my face for a good thirty seconds. Oh, but it gets better... She said that she heard Papa John's gives you garlic butter dipping sauce for the crust, so she might try that next time around...

For a pizza aficionado like myself, it sounded like blasphemy, and I didn't know how to respond. Eventually I pulled it together and suggested that perhaps there were some good pizzas outside of the chains. I hope I can introduce her to the goodness of places like Grimaldi's, Pie Town, or NY Pizza & Pasta, if only to let her know what she is missing. And I was really beginning to like this girl. But Pizza Hut???

Oh well. I may have found the perfect pizza at Grimaldi's, but my search for the perfect woman continues...


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