Thursday, January 22, 2009

Real Life Trumps the Keyboard

Hey gang...

Oh dear god, I just read the update I posted last night and I'm so ashamed... It's an incoherent mess with no editing, and syntax errors out the ying-yang. My apologies for handing in such sloppy work.

But the truth is, that quick post took me FOUR hours to write. See, the thing is, I started typing around 4:30 in the afternoon, but then the phone started ringing. It was the family.

Yesterday morning, I got a call from Amy, my younger sister. Her and her fiance Scottie have decided to get married this year, and were trying to figure out a way that they could have the ceremony where I could attend. I've got six days of vacation that I have to use by the first of May, and then after that, any time I take off is completely unpaid--and I'm taking a week off in the fall to go on a cruise, and another week off in December to go back to Nashville for Christmas. More time off would be financially daunting.

Anyhow, Amy and I have been having some secret discussions over the past few days, and her and Scott finally decided to just come to Vegas and get married during March Madness!!! Oh hell yeah! You have no idea how cool of an idea that is!

I'm pretty excited for that all by itself, but it also means that a good chunk of the Hurricane clan will be in attendance for the festivities. And you thought the T2V gang was a bunch of drunken buffoons. Wait'll they get a load of my family. This will be one March Madness for the history books.

So anyhow, I was sworn to secrecy for a couple of days while Amy and Scottie deliberated and weighed all their options, but then it became official and the phone started ringing off the hook. They're now booked, Mamasan is booked, Cyndi is booking today. Reverend Dave will know within a week, subject to his main squeeze's work situation. My niece Diana is booked. Don't know about Sherry or any other of my nieces. Haven't heard back from Nancy, either.

But the intensity level of the party has been officially cranked up to eleven, and all those distractions yesterday served to keep me from paying attention to what I was writing. By the time the phone calls wound down for the evening, I was tired of looking at that post, so I said the hell with it and just published it 'as is' with no editing and such...

And now, I don't feel like going back and fixing it, so there it is.


After all that, I logged onto the T2V chat and talked to Angy for awhile, and then once she went to bed, I stayed up to watch Sticky play poker. I *should* have been sleeping, because at ten minutes after ten, my phone started ringing. Instead of coming into work at 1:00 am, they needed me ASAP, so I jumped up, got dressed, and ran out the door five minutes later. I made it to the casino in record time and managed to make the 10:30 push.

There were four games going at the time, and I didn't get a break until 12:30. I did another rotation after that, and then got locked down at 2:30. The last game didn't break up until after 6:30 this morning, and by then, I was one tuckered out little trooper. Once I got the table closed and the last bank counted, it was 7:00 o'clock, giving me even more overtime for the week (remember the 12 hours I did on Saturday?). I stuck around for a bit to chat with a couple of the old guys that came ambling in and had a couple of cups of coffee and Kahlua, too.

Eventually, the old guys limpfest started up with the morning dealer, so I sat in the game and played a little 4-8 Holdem for about an hour. I won one decent pot and split another, so after an hour of blinds, I was up four bucks. I couldn't handle it anymore--I was so tired that I couldn't stop yawning--so I tipped the dealer two bucks, gave the other two bucks to the floorman, and cashed out exactly even.

But while I was sitting up in the garage waiting for my truck to warm up, I counted the evening's take and realized that I did very well again, just shy of three Benjamins again. Damn. I wish every week were as good as this one has been. And it came just in time, too--things were looking kinda lean two weeks ago.

I don't know if I'll ever get used to the constant ups and downs. It takes a certain brand of patience to deal with the constant uncertainty, but I've been lucky so far.

Anyhow, when I finally got home this morning, there was another huge box on the porch from the UPS man, and he had delivered about ten pounds of meat and cheese. And a big bottle of sweet-hot mustard, too! Oh hell yeah. And word around the campfire is that there is another box arriving tomorrow. My hat's off to Dougie for finding this bargain sale and taking advantage of it, because by the end of the week, I'm gonna have so many Hickory Farms groceries on hand that I won't be able to close the door on my mini-fridge.

Hell, I'd like have a Super Bowl party and use it all then, but I just know that as soon as I make plans, I'll get scheduled to work...

Now, however, I must get some sleep. I've been up for over 24 hours straight, and I have to go in to work again tonight. My guess is that I'll probably get called in early again, too. If I ever get some free time, I'll work on the stories I've got in the hopper--four good poker stories for your reading enjoyment. But it'll probably take about ten hours of writing time to knock 'em out, so don't expect them within the next day or two.

Y'all be cool. I'm going to bed.


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