Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Alive, Just Sleepy

I had such grandiose plans for today, but none of them happened.

I was going to get up early this morning, head over to Omelet House for some breakfast, and then take a few pics of Boulder Highway weirdness that only seems to be visible in daylight. After that, I was wanted to go down to the Strip and take more pics from the top of the Eiffel Tower. It's a beautiful clear day here, and I thought it would be a perfect day to get some cool photos.

But, thinking I wasn't going to work again until late Wednesday night, I didn't get much sleep on Monday, and just after midnight last night, the poker room called and told me to get down there ASAP. I had been up all day, and suddenly I had to work all night. I didn't really want to work, but I need all the shifts I can get this month.

It was a pretty good night to be there, and I got locked down from 2:30 until the game broke a little past 6:30 this morning. I couldn't leave until seven, but I stuck around to talk to the morning crew and have a couple of cups of coffee & Bailey's. By the time I finally got home around nine, I was a zombie. I took a shower and went straight to bed.

I just woke up a few minutes ago and I'm still completely out of it. I want to be up and doing stuff, but I've got that dull ache behind my eyes that tells me I'm still tired. Functioning at half-speed, I can't decide if I want to eat, read, watch a movie, play with the dogs, or just close my eyes again and hit the reset button for the day.

In the meantime, I'm just gonna lie here and yawn for awhile...


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