Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rock Bottom

I think we've finally reached the bottom, as far as gas prices go. The cheapest I've paid has been $1.69 per gallon, and I've gotten three tanks at that price.

I noticed the bottoming out a few weeks ago, when the gas station on the corner went more than 24 hours without lowering it's prices. I'd been watching, and figured if the brakes ever came on in the race to the bottom, it was time to fill up. I think I had about half a tank at the time, but it didn't matter--I got stuck paying $4.27 per gallon in July, at the high, so I wanted to make sure I caught the low, just so the universe would remain in balance.

Ever since then, the five gas stations that I pass in my daily commute have been hovering around $1.69 or $1.71. (There are actually six gas stations between my house and work, but the Shell station doesn't count--they're always about eight or nine cents a gallon more expensive, so I only go there because they have a perfect mix in their Coke fountain). It's been up to $1.75 a few times, but the competition seems to keep it in check, and it has always dropped back down.

Hell, the other night, on Howzie's advice, I went a bit out of my way to the Rebel station on Marks and Warm Springs, and it was even more expensive than the Kwik E Mart 7-11 near my house.

Yesterday, that same 7-11 (the one they made into a Kwik E Mart last summer for The Simpsons Movie) had gas at $1.71. When I drove by this morning, it was $1.74. And when I came home this afternoon, it was up to $1.79. So yeah, it's climbing, but anything less than two bucks a gallon is ok with me. Actually, I'm ok with anything less than $2.45 a gallon, because that's what I was paying when I first moved to Vegas four years ago.

But there's one thing that should make you think--Imagine how bad the economy would be if we were still paying over four bucks a gallon. I think it would be disastrous.

Lets just hope we have a mild winter, too.


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