Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing New To Report

I'm sorry for being so dull this week, but there is just nothing for me to write about. My work schedule has got me all jacked up, so I'm been kinda zombie-fied the past couple of days.

Yesterday, once I finally got out of bed, I made my way down to get some breakfast at the Omelet House. I was still pretty tired and out of it, but luckily it was a slow day at the restaurant so I got to spend a lot of time visiting with Marcie. She was the only waitress working by the time I got there, and she only had three tables, so she was able to hang out and chat quite a bit.

That was pretty much the highlight of the day. I went out with a couple of friends later in the evening, and just as we were sitting down to have a beer, my phone went off. Yep, the poker room was calling, asking me to come in within the hour. So, I had to take my leave, run home, change clothes, and get back down to the casino. About the only thing I remember was taking a shortcut through one of the neighborhoods and seeing that some redneck still had their Christmas tree up.

It was a killer night at work, though. So busy for me. And I was locked down for four hours straight without a break for the last half of my shift. By the time I was finally able to stand up and stretch, I felt a bit like Han Solo once they got all the carbonite washed off of him. Stiff, unable to walk right, a little off-kilter... It was a good night though--I made over $300 in tips, which I'll take every time. Geez--if only I could actually work eight hours a day, five days a week. I'd have a chance to make some real money.

Thankfully, the game finally broke around 6:30 this morning, and by the time I finished up all my chores, it was seven o'clock and time for me to go home. As I type this, I'm yawning about every fives seconds and I'm about this close to just collapsing face-first into the keyboard.

So I'm gonna go ahead and go to sleep for a few hours. But then I have to get up and head back down there again this afternoon for a department meeting, then come home for a couple of hours. And then I work again tonight, so that's three trips to the casino today.

My life sucks right now.


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