Wednesday, June 28, 2006

She's No Renata Tebaldi

Since I'm unable to sleep at night anymore, doing all my snoozing during the hours between 6am and noon, I spend a lot of time during the week watching late-night TV. There's usually not much on, although my favorite channels (History Channel, Discovery Channel, Military Channel, Travel Channel, Food Network) all repeat their programming every three or four hours, so I don't miss much. But surfing around last night on the movie channels, I came across the most colorful description of a movie (another of the wonders of digital cable) I'd ever seen, so I paused the tv and took the time to write it down:

Godzilla and a flying cyborg jet jaguar meet a giant cockroach and a big black chicken sent by the Seatopians.

After reading that, who wouldn't want to see that movie???

Unfortunately, it was still a couple hours away when I wrote it down, and I got distracted and forgot about it until this morning. Damn. I should've recorded it.

On the plus side, I got to see my all-time favorite episode of Frasier, entitled 'Out with Dad'. In case you haven't seen it, it's the one where Frasier talks his dad into going to the opera with him on Valentine's Day and hooks up with a gal across the theatre who also has 'season tickets' (played by another all-time favorite icon of old hotness, Marg Helgenberger) . Marty, trying to avoid an uncomfortable matchup with the gal's unattractive mother, lets them believe that he is gay. The comedy really picks up as they bring over a gay friend for him and he's unaware that he's on a date. It's easily the most clever and well-written episode of the entire series, and every time I see it, I laugh my ass off for the entire show. I think that particular episode actually won an Emmy or Peoples Choice award of some sort, too.

So that's how I spent my night off, eating chips and salsa, watching an old man pretending to be gay, and wishing I'd stayed awake to see Godzilla vs. Megalon.

Life just doesn't get much better than that, does it?


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