Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gettin' Stuff Done

Friday night at work was especially long--one of the guys on my 'string' only knew how to deal 3-card poker, so I spent the whole night working around him, basically going back and forth between Pai Gow and the WPT Poker table. Of course, it would make more sense to put him on blackjack and send over one of the other dealers that actually knows how to deal all three games, but that solution makes entirely too much sense and that decision is clearly above my pay grade. It was just a frustrating night, that's all. Adding to the drudgery was a terrible house band they hired to 'entertain' in the Gaudi Bar (the bar right in the middle of the pit). I swear the chick singing was a first-round reject from American Idol--just horribly off-key all night long. It just goes to show that blonde hair, a low-cut top, and enthusiasm will get you a long way in this town...

I also managed to talk the roadmap-kryptonite manager into letting me out a few minutes early, but it was no easy task. He finally figured out what I was trying to tell him and I punched out at 3:30 and came straight home and went to bed.

I turned the on tv with the sound down low on NBC so I could drift back and forth during the US Open coverage, but the digital cable had a meltdown early this morning and my tv was broadcasting the blue screen of death while I peacefully slumbered away. So I didn't see one single hole of the tournament today. Finally, I woke up around 1 pm, turned off the blank tv screen, and got dressed.

My first order of business was to get down to Home Depot. Luckily I managed to get out of there only spending two bucks, this time on a package of sheet-metal screws to attach a front license plate on the new truck. Two years ago at Christmas, my sister Amy gave me a very cool looking skull-and-crossbones license plate, which was much too nice to defile by attaching it to the Ghetto Sled, so I've just been carrying it around with me waiting for the day I could put it on a spiffy new truck. Today was that day. Although it was blistering hot outside--somewhere in the triple digits--I found a nice shady spot to do the install and five minutes later the mikeyfication of the truck was almost complete. All I need now is a 'University of Margaritaville' decal for the rear window and a new hula doll for the dashboard.

I also did a little research on the internet about the Dodge Dakotas, and I found out that the Magnum V-6 I've got puts out 210 horsepower. The V-8 only puts out 230-250, depending on which variation you get, so I don't feel like I lost that much by getting the smaller engine. Since I don't have a trailer full of Jetskis to haul around--although it would easily tow it--the power is plenty good enough for me.

Anyhow, once the truck was taken care of, I came back inside to tackle my next project--assembling my new office chair. I'm guessing that was the start of the deluge of cash I've been dumping lately, but I bought it before I even considered buying a truck this week. When I had the Charger, I was down at OfficeMax buying new printer cartridges (another big ticket expense!), and they had office chairs on sale, so I decided to pick one up. It's been sitting in the box out in the entry hall since then, waiting for me to get around to it.

I'd bought a black leather one several months back, but it was a cheap piece of shiat with plastic armrests that held the back on. Having had it only about two weeks before dropping a milkcrate full of books on one of the armrests and shattering it, it was pretty much useless after that because the back of the chair had no support to hold it up. After trying several times to get replacement armrests ordered, and getting the wrong ones every time, I just gave up and threw the damn thing in the dumpster.

But the one I got earlier this week is much better. It's a brown suede color--not my first choice, but that's not so big of an issue for me--and weighs about three times as much as the other one. Heavy furniture = good quality. This bad boy is made out of heavy gauge steel plates to support my substantial girth, comes with width and height adjustable armrests, and is very comfy. Since it's replacing the metal WalMart folding chair I was using to sit in and blog, I'm hoping that the quality of my writing improves in proportion to the increase of comfort for my fat ass. Can't you tell already? I'm writing this very post while sitting in my new office chair.

Instant results, I tell ya.

Now that my chores are done, I've got to go back to work tonight and hustle up some tokes. I haven't had a car payment in quite awhile, so I've got to put on my Bill Clinton face and try to squeeze a buck or two out of the stiffs at the Pai Gow table.

Every little bit helps.


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