Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Out and About

I've had absolutely no free time in the past five days or so, but all the visitors are gone, I've got some time off, and I'll return to my normal blogging schedule shortly.

But while I was out running errands today, I saw yet another Vegas Freak that always crack me up when I see 'em. I was pulling out of Metro Pizza on Tropicana today, and had to wait for a pedestrian to walk in front of me before I could turn out on to the road. First of all, he was ambling along, shirtless in the hundred-degree heat, and mumbling to himself. Not that freaky in and of itself, but once he got past me I noticed that he had a huge chick-style tramp stamp tattoo all the way across his lower back. Holy shiat! Never seen that on a dude before.

So this Bud's for you, Mr. I've-got-a-tramp-stamp guy...

I was so amazed at seeing the tattoo, I forgot to notice anything else... Like if the boys upstate might've tattood some boobs on his shoulder blades while he was in the joint.


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