Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sampling the Goods

It's a beautiful day here at the Hurricane Hole. Well, it's 105 degrees outside, but inside the air conditioner is doing a yeomanlike job of keeping it comfy, and I've got the fan cranked up to full speed to help.

Since it's so warm and summery, I decided to go ahead and crack open my newest bottles of rum. The first one I tried was the Cruzan Estate rum. It was better than I expected--very tasty, smooth, and not nearly as harsh as that distilled rotgut they use in their flavored rums.

I also believe I found the perfect mixers for rum--7up Plus. It's that diet 7up soda with the fruit flavors--no calories, no carbs, and surprisingly little aftertaste. I mixed the Cruzan with the 'Tropical Fruit' blend, and it was excellent, reminding me of a lazy day on the beach. All I need now is a grass skirt, a lei, and a hibiscus flower taped to the side of my head and I'm in paradise!

But the best was the Mt. Gay Vanilla. I mixed that with a tall glass of the 7up Plus Cherry flavored stuff, and it was fantastic. I'm drinking it as we speak. Of course you'll never be able to get this drink in a bar, but I'm thinking it might be my cocktail of choice while lounging about the pool here at home.

Luckily I've got to go to work tonight, or else I'm likely to knock off the entire bottle in one sitting.


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