Monday, June 19, 2006

Road Trip!

I need to get the new truck out on the freeway and break in the engine properly, so--although it's somewhat short of a thousand miles--a quick getaway is in the works.

Wednesday is my most relaxing day off, so I'm going to spend the day driving up to Mt. Charleston and doing a little bit of exploring. I haven't been camping in almost four years (has it been that long since Derek, Jake, Ed, Wade, Adam, and I spent three days drinking beer and playing horseshoes up at Ponderosa?), and word is that there are actual trees and mountains just about an hour away from the neon lights of this fine city.

Since there is a dearth of information out there on the internet--most especially an absence of pictures--I'm going to have to just get out and take a look at the available options before I load up the truck for a 3-day getaway. I'll make sure to take the digital camera with me to get some decent shots to share with everyone.

One of the gals I work with usually has the same days off as I do, and she wants to get out of town and do some camping, too, so hopefully within the next few weeks we'll have a trip planned. And since we won't be going on a weekend, chances are the woods will be even more secluded. I can't wait to get some fresh pine-scented mountain air in my lungs, hang around the campfire and sip on cowboy-style coffee, and just relax a world away from the ding-ding-ding background noise I deal with on a daily basis.

It's time to get the gear out of storage and get back to nature for a few days.


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