Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Day Like Today

Earlier today, I was spending some quality time in the pool, catching some rays and enjoying a rum-based cocktail. There was a slight breeze tickling the surface of the water and bringing a momentary chill upon contact with wet skin.

It reminded me of a conversation I had almost two years ago with a couple of complete strangers. It was during our first full sea day aboard the Carnival Elation. We were southbound from Galveston, halfway across the Caribbean, heading for Mexico. I had a bucket of ice-cold Coronas and a Veranda-deck jacuzzi all to myself, entranced by the blue water passing under our keel and thinking to myself that life just didn't get much better.

Then a couple of bikini-clad gals from Texas decided to join me.

They sat on either side of me, and of course I offered them a beer from my stash. They accepted and the usual smalltalk ensued for a few minutes. One of them mentioned what a perfect day it was, and I just threw out the comment I wonder what the poor people are doing today...

Without hesitation, one of the gals answered We're sitting in the hot tub with you!

Laughs all around, and the next time a waitress made an appearance, another bucket of Corona was ordered. We drank 'em all while lounging the afternoon away under that hot Caribbean sun, laughing it up like old friends.

The sunburn was worth it.


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