Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well, That Was Fast...

So, there I was, sweating my ass off at the old house, packing some boxes, doing more laundry, and loading my truck. I even packed up the ol' laptop, not wanting to tempt my former loser roommates with unauthorized access to pr0n. (I caught them using the old Compaq on a couple of occasions when I wasn't around, but the new laptop is password protected even if you just want to play solitaire, much less surf the net).

Once I got too damn hot and sweaty to load any more stuff, I hit the road and came back over here to the new apartment. And as soon as I walked up, I saw that there was a pile of coax cable on the porch, and a FedEx sticker on the door, telling me I had a package at the rental office. That could only mean one thing--We now had cable!

I brought in a few things, got a huge glass of ice water, and chilled out for a minute or two. I then got down on the floor in my room (haven't moved the desk yet) and hooked up the modem and laptop. A quick call to the Cox Suckers to give them the MAC ID on my modem and I was good to go--back online in record time!

My original plan was to spend the day making several trips between the two houses. But once was enough because it's 108 degrees outside right now and I'm afraid it'll melt all the Rubbermaid tote boxes if they're in direct sunlight for more than a couple of minutes, not to mention cook whatever is inside of them. Besides that, I've still got ten days left to move the rest of my shiat, and honestly, I'm about 80% done. I'll do it late at night instead of during the heat of the day. I don't know what I was thinking, but I swear I've sweated off about 10 lbs. today.

I was also going to bring my TV over today, but I think I'm going to wait. I don't want to hook it all up just yet because Rob is considering getting a widescreen HDTV this weekend, and if he does, I'm definitely *not* going to go through the hell of hooking up the cable box/dvd/receiver/surround sound twice. And I don't want to make another trip back to the old house today, either. So I'll be surfing the net tonight instead of watching Deadliest Catch.

But it's good to be back. It's almost like I never left.


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