Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shuttin' It Down

This will be my last update for a couple of days, as I'm packing up the computer today. It's my day off, and I'm back here at the old house getting another truckload of stuff, and the computer is part of this next trip. But I got back here after sleeping (and showering--yay!) at my new apartment, and once the rest of my clothes and all of my electronic gear is over there, I will feel 'officially' moved in. Oh, I still have boxes of stuff to move, and tons of books and whatnot, but once this truckload is unpacked, I won't need to come back over to this place again except to get the rest of my stuff. Our gas and electricity are fully functional, and the cable and internet will be available either late tomorrow night or sometime during the day on Thursday.

Luckily, it's going smoothly, and the only obstacle is the fact that my truck gets horrendous mileage already, and all these trips back and forth are costing me a fortune in gas. I just stopped at the gas station for the third time this week, just putting another $20 in, and that didn't even get me to half a tank. Ugh. But on the plus side, I saw a local gas station has regular at just $2.99 a gallon now.

Sad huh? Two years ago we bitched at two-dollar-a-gallon gasoline, and now we're happy to pay anything less than three... Oh well. There's a rant in there somewhere, but I'll save it for another day.

Last night at work was a lot of fun--Scotty and Alice Lee and Reverend Dave showed up and for a few hours, and they all played at my table. Of course I was on all the sucker games for most of the night--Crazy 4 Poker, Let It Ride, and Deuces Wild, but later on I was on a blackjack game for a bit, too. Since it was my Friday, I signed up to get out an hour and a half early, but we were much too busy, so I got stuck. Glad I was, too, as Rob text messaged me a little while ago and told me that tokes were over $150 last night--not bad for a Monday.

Anyhow, Reverend Dave stuck around and I told him I'd drive him back to his hotel so he didn't have to spend $40 on a cab. Just before we were leaving, though, my gal Stephanie showed up, looking as hot as ever in her ponytail and too-small tank top. She wanted to go out, have a drink, and get some breakfast... But I had to take Reverend Dave out to Lake Las Vegas, about a 40-minute round trip, so as much as I wanted to, I had to decline the offer. (And he had to get some sleep, as he had an early meeting this morning, so he couldn't go out with us, either)

Damn you, Reverend Dave--costing me quality time with a young hottie--There's a special corner of hell reserved for the likes of you!

But we can do it again anytime, so it's not that big a deal. And it was good to see everyone--it certainly made my night go by much faster.

Besides Scotty, Alice Lee, and Reverend Dave being in town this week, Hoya and Dane are also here. We have plans to get together tomorrow over at Planet Aladdinwood for lunch, drinks, and poolside buffoonery. Later that night they're going to see 'O' over at Bellagio, while Dave, Rob, Scotty, Alice Lee, and I will be attending another wine tasting at the Mirage. It should be a great time.

That's about it. We're entering the Dark Side of the Moon phase now--I'll be incommunicado for the next day or two.

Y'all have a good one!


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