Friday, June 15, 2007

Cool Breeze

I've been back to the new apartment twice today, but having moved a bunch of stuff already, it looks like I haven't moved a damn thing from the old house. It's kind of a depressing site to get back here, realize that it's almost 90 degrees in the house, and there's a shiatload of junk all over the place that needs my attention.

Ugh. The heat just saps my motivation. What I think I'm going to do is wait until I get home from work in the morning, take a shower, and then load up another truckload at 5:00 am while it's still (relatively) cool out.

If I'm feeling particularly motivated, I'll come back and get my bed, then take it back to the apartment, and sleep over there during the heat of the day. This house is just *miserably* hot right now, and I absolutely hate being here.

Once I got over to the apartment for the second time to meet Rob this afternoon, we had the A/C set on 80 degrees and it felt really nice. We couldn't believe that it was 80, but compared to the 108 outside, it was great. So once we finished bringing in all the stuff, we both just crashed on the living room floor for a bit, enjoying the cool air. He took off and went home around 3:00, but I stuck around. I had a sleeping bag for a pillow, and it was most relaxing, even for being on the floor. But I was also curious about just how the afternoon sun was going to heat the place up and how much of an advantage it would be by having the unit on the northeast corner of the building. Well, I shouldn't have worried--with no lights on, just a ceiling fan, and the thermostat at 80, it was downright comfy in there.

Once we get moved in completely and have all of the electronics running in addition to two bodies kickin' around in there, I'm sure we'll crank it down even more. But it sure was nice compared to this hotbox I'm at now. In fact, while lying there relaxing, I was getting so irritated by the fact that this house is so hot all the time that I decided to go ahead and bring my bed over tomorrow. I can sleep at the apartment for the next couple of days, and then run back to the old house to shower and get ready for work. I don't care if it costs me $20 in gasoline, it's worth every penny. Plus, not having to interact with the doofuses that I currently live with is also a bonus.

Of course, Rob suggested that I just go completely redneck this weekend and grab a loofa and a towel and head down to the clubhouse to use the outdoor showers by the pool.

I'm sure that would make a better impression than even the thong did...


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