Friday, June 15, 2007

Walk Through

I'm in, baby! Just got back for the new apartment--I had to go pick up the keys and do the walk-through with the leasing agent at 9:00 this morning, so I took a small load of stuff over in the truck first thing this morning.

The first big happy surprise was the fact that we have a *huge* storage closet that wasn't part of the model we looked at. When I first walked in, I noticed a door off the side of the dining room. I opened it up, and it revealed another walk-in closet, but it was about 10 feet wide, tapering down underneath the stairs for the unit above us.

I told the leasing agent that I didn't notice that in the model, and she said that they don't tell people about it until they move in so that they're happily surprised (which I was) and also they'd have a harder time leasing the upstairs units--apparently the downstairs units are in higher demand.

Anyhow, we did our walk-through and inspection, and everything was fully functional except the hot water (no gas until Monday). And I don't need to buy a shower curtain, either--my bathroom is one of those 3/4 baths--it has a big glass shower stall like the pyramid rooms at the Luxor. But the absolute best thing was that the air conditioner just cranked out the cold air, and the ceiling fan had three settings--Low, Medium, and Barnstormer.

The first thing I brought in was my big blue cooler loaded up with all the bottles of rum, liquor, and wine that I had on hand, and I already set them up on top of the fridge. No more room for anything else up there now. And while the leasing agent was filling out the inspection paperwork at the breakfast bar, I ran out and grabbed a huge pile of clothes I'd taken from the closet back here at the old house. As I was walking back to my room, one item fell out on the floor in the living room--the pink thong Angy gave me back during March Madness of 2005 when I first met her.

You dropped something there, Mikey.

Oh.. that's not mine. Well, I guess it sorta *is* mine, but you know...

I'm sure I made a great impression with the gal from the office.

Anyhow, Rob just called--he's out of work, grabbing a bite to eat, and I'm going to meet him over there in about a half an hour. I'm going to grab a couple of other small things, not a full truckload (it's just too damn hot outside to do that), and head back over there so he can get his keys and sign a couple other things. I might grab a pair of swimming trunks and give that pool a try, too.

But I'm outta here really soon. I think I'll be sleeping at the new place by Tuesday night at the absolute latest.


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