Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yep, I should be packing at this very moment, but I keep telling myself that I have two weeks to get it done. So while I've started loading up all the booze and organizing all the stackables and hangables in my bedroom closet, I'm taking a break, drinking a bottle of ice-cold water, and doing a little websurfing.

And in the course of my digital travels today, I came across a very intriguing list--The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All-Time. All non-fiction of course. Talk about a list that's right up my alley--it's like a whole new Amazon wish list for me! (Although browsing through there, I've seen about eight or ten titles that already reside on my bookshelf. Longtime readers will easily be able to guess which ones).

But two weeks to pack and get moved? Probably not. I could easily move outta here in two days if I felt really motivated. But I won't have internet for a week if I do that. So I guess a little surfin' in the afternoon is justified.


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