Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This One's For Dave P, Marlisha,

... and everyone else who's been asking for pictures from the Omelet House. And even Marcie has been asking if I brought my camera with me each time I've come in lately. Today, I had it with me, so once my breakfast arrived, I grabbed a snapshot.

Pictured below is a '38 Special' omelet, which is basically the breakfast version of a meat-lover's pizza--it's got ham, bacon, sausage, and two kinds of cheese. It normally comes with breakfast 'spuds', which I wanted to get a picture of, but Marcie knows that I don't like them as much as I thought I did at first, so she had them put fries on the side instead.

Oh, and it comes with toast or whatever, too. Next time, I'll have something with the spuds and I'll get a pic of that and the banana bread instead of toast (the banana bread is really tasty, but I prefer wheat toast). And since I already had my camera out, Marcie couldn't resist giving me a saucy pose. Here she is throwing me teh cute.

Anyhow, breakfast was good, and it only cost a fraction of what the same omelet would cost down at the Peppermill, yet the results are the same--there's no way you're gonna finish it. I lingered a bit, reading my Full Tilt Strategy Guide while the restaurant slowed down and Marcie did her sidework, and we visited for a bit once the place emptied out.

She told me that she thought I'd fallen in a hole somewhere since she hadn't seen me in three days, but that's just a side-effect of spending every day together last week. Now that her move is all but finished (just hanging pictures on the walls and moving empty boxes to storage), we're gonna get together sometime this weekend and watch a movie or something. It'll be nice to be able to just relax and spend time doing something fun, instead of all of the stress-related activities of the past ten days. I'm looking forward to that--just a quiet night spending time together.

Also, she's gonna come to the suite party at MGM with me during the Madness, and I think we're gonna be having dinner beforehand and some nice joint, too, so I've got that going for me, which is nice... But that means that all of the buffoons will have a chance to meet her, and of course, that'll make me look good by default, so I'm all for it! Heh.

That's all from here today--even though it's sunny, bright, clear, and 68 degrees here in America's Playground, the wind is blowing, so it's chilly if you're in the shade. But winter is definitely over and I'm ready to finally enjoy the sunshine once again.

Talk at ya later,


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