Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anecdotal Evidence

Everyone knows that the slumping economy has hit Vegas pretty hard. I'm feeling the pinch myself--the poker room I work in is down five people since December, yet I'm still only working 2 or 3 days a week. It's just been slow all over.

But March Madness weekend was a booming weekend here in America's Playground. Most of the hotel rooms in the city were sold out, and the crowds were enormous. But check this one out--this really puts things in perspective as to just how much business picked up last weekend.

The last time the $1 Megabucks jackpot hit, it paid just over $21 million. It was hit at The Palms, and that happened on May 7th of last year--just over ten months ago.

Once somebody hits the jackpot, it's reset to $10 million, and when I left work last Wednesday morning to start my vacation, the jackpot had finally built itself up to just over $19 million. So basically, it took over ten months to get another nine million dollars into the prize pool. When I went back to work late on Monday night/early Tuesday morning (less than 48 hours ago), the Megabucks jackpot was up over $31 Million!

Yep, it took ten months to get the first nine million built up, but less than a week to add another eleven million to the top prize.

It was an amazingly busy week out here.


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