Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank You, Falcon Rob!

Ok, so I was just finishing up that last rambling post, and I went back to edit a few things. Usually, as soon as I do that, I check my comment moderation site just to see who's lurking in the comment section. As luck would have it, my old roomie Falcon Rob dropped a comment on yesterday's post, and it turns out that he also finally gave the Omelet House a try, and wrote about it.

At the end of the post, he also mentioned Friendly Donuts, which I know Marcie really likes, and it gave me an idea... I picked up the phone and sent her a text message.

Friendly Donuts after the kids leave for school? You KNOW you want to!

Not thirty seconds later, I got a reply:

You twisted my arm. LOL!

She can't resist the apple fritter, so that's a pretty powerful weapon I have at my disposal. Since she said yes, I called her up to work out the logistics. As we were making plans to meet up, she suggested that since she has the day off, we could go get a "real, good breakfast somewhere". That was ok with me, and since we didn't want to eat at the O-House, much less show up there together, we had to think of someplace else to go.

I'm not sure, but I *think* we're going over to Jamm's out on Rainbow and Charleston. She suggested another place, I think it was called the Scrambled Egg, but I'm not sure. But as soon as I mentioned Jamm's, she was all-in. So I've got to jump in the shower and go meet up with her in 45 minutes.

That place is good. Food porn pics to follow...


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