Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Millennium Code...

C:\Users\Hurricane Mikey>net use z: \\oldcompaq\c ROADKILL

The command completed successfully. (Woot!!!)

Finally! After what seems like years, I finally got the new laptop to talk to the old-ass Compaq. I've had the network set up for a couple of weeks now, but for whatever mysterious reason, the two machines could not communicate with each other, so I could not move files from the old machine to the new one. I was tempted to just delete them and start over, but I had almost a thousand digital pics (not including the pr0n stash!), about 500 mp3s I wanted to keep, and dozens of Word/Excel/Text documents that I didn't want to lose. So I *had* to figure out a way of transferring them over, short of just copying everything onto disk manually and moving it over. That would take weeks.

I've been trying everything short of creating an ftp server, following all the directions on the "Network Wizard" (on both machines), but the bottom line is that Windows Vista is just not designed to talk to it's retarded cousin Millennium. They both say they can share files, but not with each other apparently, only with their 'own kind'. The worst part was setting up the old computer with a network password, but then the new one insisted on a user name and a password to get in. But there was no way to set up a user name on the old machine. It was ridiculous.

Anyhow, after giving up in frustration after two weeks, I finally called Big Stogie last night for a little Press-One-for-English technical support. We worked on it for over two hours before he finally came up with that little piece of digital voodoo I posted at the top of this entry. Frankly, we were both shocked when as soon as I hit the Enter button on the laptop, every file on my old Compaq suddenly showed up in Explorer window on the laptop display. Seriously, the two of us had a geek-fest happiness celebration not seen since that day in Mission Control back when the Apollo XIII astronauts finally splashed down. We couldn't believe we pulled it off!

So I immediately started dragging and dropping files into the hard drive on the Toshiba. The pictures took awhile, but moving 500+ mp3s has taken most of the night. As of right now, it says I have about 37 more minutes before everything is moved over and complete. Then I can go and delete whatever is left on the old hard drive, empty the recycle bin, and let Rob deal with it until he saves up enough cash for a new computer. But I'm about to wash my hands of the thing for the last time.

Damn, it feels good!

As far as my Fourth of July goes, I didn't do too much at all. I stuck around the house and finally got all of my unpacking done and cleared all of the boxes and such out of the dining room. I also hung up a few pictures, did some laundry, and spent several hours working on the computer stuff.

Rob went out with his old roommate, leaving me plenty of time to get the house put together. I know that if he would've stayed home last night, we would've just sat in front of the TV ooohing and ahhhing at Discovery HD Theatre for about eight hours straight. As it happens, I kept the History Channel going all day and night, as they were playing all episodes of The American Revolution back-to-back for about 12 hours straight. Interesting stuff, so I felt like I did a little bit of my patriotic duty, if not any actual celebrating.

But now my weekend is winding down--I've got to get some sleep at some point before heading back to the casino tonight (I've been up all night), and I still have a few errands to run later today.

If I can't sleep, I may write some more later...


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