Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another Good Day, Tater!

Well, here it is almost 6:00 am, I'm home from a very busy night at work, and I have a surprising amount of energy--I'm not quite ready to hit The Blob. It might have something to do with that Breakfast of Champions I had at 2:30 this morning--a plate of bacon and a glass of Mountain Dew.

As a bonus, I managed to talk my way into getting the half-hour early out for a full toke share but only working until 3:20. I always like it when I can pull that one off, especially on a weekend.

But there was even more good news--We're finally getting rid of the Rapid Roulette game next week. Thank god! I am so sick of dealing that game. I usually spend the last two hours of my shift just standing around hoping we can close it, and between the four dealers it takes to run the thing over the course of a night, we're lucky if we drop $50 in tips between us. It sucks soooo bad. And I've been stuck on it *every* Friday and Saturday night for a year straight. I think once we get rid of that waste of space, every dealers' tokes will go up about ten bucks a night on the weekends!

There is also a rumor going around that the crazy psycho biatch dealer on our shift that everyone hates (players and dealers alike), finally got fired. I'm not sure if it's true, so I'll temper my celebration until I find out for sure. But that's what everyone is talking about, and I hope it's true. She's pissed off so many players and had so many complaints against her that I'm surprised that she made it this long. Again, if she's gone, we'll probably see a noticeable increase in our nightly tokes.

Speaking of tokes, we're having a pretty good week. And today is 7-7-07, and every superstitious gambler in the world will be out today--should be another good night tonight. Although, with it being as hot as it is here in town this week (record temps, I believe--every day over 115 degrees), the casino is an absolute oven when you get all those thousands of people wandering through there. I swear I sweated off about 10 pounds last night--my head was shiny and dripping all night long, and I had to carry a towel around with me while I was dealing. It was miserable. Tonight is only going to be worse--there is only so much the air conditioning can do to cool down a hundred-thousand-square-foot room with huge vaulted ceilings that's full of bodies, lights, and electronics, so I'm considering bringing an extra black t-shirt with me to change into at the halfway point.

After I get some sleep, Rob's gonna get home from work and then it's back up to North Las Vegas one more time. His lease doesn't end at his old place until July 15th, so he's got a couple of things to clear out and clean before then. His old roommate left his a computer desk that he generously offered to me, since my desk/tower got ruined at the old house. The leaking shower seeped under the wall, into the carpet, and leached into the bottom of the desk. It was made out of particle board with a veneer cover, so the water seeped all the way up and ruined it over the course of the last year. As soon as I went to pick it up to move it, it came apart in my hands--just like the Bluesmobile as soon as Jake and Elwood arrived at the Cook County Assessor's Office. Seriously, it was like trying to move 80 pounds of wet sawdust that was stacked six feet high.

Once I get that desk over here, I'll finally have full use of my bedroom, and won't have to lay on the floor to surf the internet.

Also, while I was out running my errands yesterday, I got some *great* news. I stopped by my insurance agent's office to update my new address information, and now that I live in upper-middle-class Henderson, my premiums have dropped over $100 a month since I first got my truck. Oh hell yeah. The gal in the office told me that as soon as you ditch the Las Vegas Zip code, it costs just about half as much to insure a vehicle. Apparently, out here in Henderson, there is much less vandalism, thievery, and a lot fewer car accidents. Seriously, when I first brought the truck home last summer, my monthly insurance payment was almost $229, and that was for somebody with no accidents or tickets for ten years. It's now $125 and change every month! Woo hoo!!! And that's full coverage plus renters insurance on all my fine furnishings--The Blob, the leg-lamp, milk crates full of sailing magazines, etc...

Anyhow, finding that out certainly made my day.

Maybe when Rob gets home this afternoon, he'll be able to tell me what tokes were last night. And if they're as good as I *think* they were, my day will be made twice in a row!


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