Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finally Made It!

Yee-Haw! The weekend is here! I know it's just a Tuesday morning for most of you folks, but the fact that my 'weekend' is here makes me giggle with unbounded happiness. It's been a very long week, and even though I tried to take an Early Out last night, I was denied once again because we were super-busy. (I can *never* get out early on my 'Friday' night. Ugh--it just irritates me to no end.)

Sunday didn't seem very busy, but we made decent money for a Sunday night (almost $175), and we have a lot fewer dealers working on Mondays--and the casino was hopping right down till the bitter end. So I'm thinking we made pretty damn good money last night. So good that I was afraid they were gonna ask for overtime... Luckily I dodged that bullet and got the 20-minute early push, collected the tokes, and headed for the door. I ran into my gal Denise on the way out to the parking garage--she was playing her weekly $5 in a video Keno machine--so I sat and visited with her for about ten minutes before heading home. Sadly she did not win the $136,000 Jumbo Jackpot this week either.

Today the plan is to get some sleep and then tackle the pile of boxes that are stacked in the dining room. I started on it yesterday but lost my motivation at some point. I might also get down to the post office and put in my change of address, which I'd forgotten to do last week, and I also need to go down to work and do the same at the HR office, and call my insurance company, too. Rob said his car insurance went down $120 per year by moving into this neighborhood, so I'm hoping to save a few bucks myself.

Of course, the first thing I did this morning was hop on the internet for a bit of surfing before I hit the sack, and I saw Angy lurking around the T2V forums, so I called her. I haven't talked to her in awhile, but she gets here a week from tomorrow, and I've got three days off while she's in town. We're both on a pretty limited budget this time around, so the plan is to spend most of our time at the pool drinking contraband cocktails--filling water bottles with Captain Morgan Silver and sneaking in our own Cokes.

I suppose I could smuggle the limes in my Speedo. Just got to remember to put them in front, that's all...

Anyhow, as much as I'm looking forward to her visit, I'm just happy for the time off away from work. I think she feels the same way. And she can now come over to the house and hang out without a weird-ass roommate bothering us. Seriously--he was just a little too interested in what we were doing whenever Angy was there, and it kind of creeped both of us out.

But those days are over. Rob is not nearly as creepy and likely doesn't give two shiats about what we're up to.

Whatever it is, it should be a good story.


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