Friday, July 13, 2007

A Few Things I've Seen In The Casino.

A huge gaping hole in the pit where the Rapid Roulette table used to be. Oh hell yeah!

A rookie blackjack dealer paying $140 for an $80 blackjack. At least I could tell he wasn't from Harrahs. They'd never pay 3.5 to 2 for a snapper.

A dealer getting taken off of a game and walked out by security with a floorperson in tow. That always makes the night more interesting.

A Pai Gow player getting a Royal Flush, then when she thought the dealer wasn't looking, pushing a $5 chip from the top of their base bet over to the top of their bonus bet, trying to score a $1500 payout instead of a $750 payout.

That same Pai Gow player getting zip-tied and carried away by Security a few minutes later. And then they won the Dumbass of the Year award because it was soon discovered that the person was a dealer at another property. Was a dealer.

A guy walking out of the restroom trailing a line of toilet paper about 30 feet long behind him.

A drunk-ass player knocking an entire glass of red wine into the dealer's chip rack.

One of the dice from the craps game fly off the table and land in a drink on the cocktail waitress's tray as she was walking by.

A ball getting launched off of the roulette wheel and landing in a garbage can 15 feet away. (I was actually the one who did that--it was one of my proudest moments as a dealer!)

Two old geezers in wheelchairs fighting over a slot machine.

A guy lose $2000 in about two hours, and then told the dealer You're the reason my kids don't have any food just as he was leaving.

A guy with an oxygen tank asking for a cigarette comp.

A shooter playing the Pass Line and the Don't Pass Line at the same time. And the stickman pushing the dice to him and saying--with a straight face--Your point is twelve, sir...


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