Monday, July 23, 2007

Biggest Laugh of the Night

Anybody who's been in a casino knows that you're not allowed to touch the dealer and we're also not allowed to take anything directly from a player's hand--money, chips, ID, anything. If the player wants to get some chips, they have to lay the money down on the table, and we'll take it from there.

That rule is completely lost on some people, most notably first-timers who reveling in the new-found wonder of free cocktails.

So when the hot girl in the low-cut top at my dice table tried three different times to hand me a hundred dollar bill, I decided to make the lesson stick.

I'm sorry ma'am, you're not allowed to pass me anything directly from your hand unless it's a room key!

She finally figured out the protocol, and the game came to a halt while the boxman and the stickman re-composed themselves. I didn't get the room key, but damn, we made some good tips after that.


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